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Weekly Workouts

Last week was the last week before marathon training starts! I am thinking about changing up how I record my workouts. I think I will report the past week’s workouts and then also the coming week’s workouts. So then, week to week, I can keep track of the “expected workouts versus the actual workouts 🙂

Workout Recap

Sunday- Went back to KC for family Christmas – 5.05 easy, milesIMG_6154

Monday- Got up early to drive back to Manhattan – no run today

Tuesday- I needed to get out and take a run after heading from Dad about Mom being put into the hospital – 2.17 miles


Wednesday- First morning run in a while – 2.05 miles


Thursday- Traveled back to KC again for more Christmas fun – an easy run was on my mind, but I was unable to make it work (or I just didn’t try very hard to get out…)

Friday- Yes, I didn’t try very hard, again – I was in running clothes most of the day because I wanted to get out for a run…just didn’t happen.

Saturday- Morning group run – 6.01 miles


Weekly Miles: 15.28 miles

This Week’s Projected Workouts

Marathon Training – Week 1


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How did your week go?

Have you started training for a 2016 race?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and start a conversation!

11 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts

  1. I hope your Mom is doing OK! I think this was a tough week for all of us to get our workouts in. So anything you accomplished should be commended. I look forward to following your marathon training. Thanks for linking Lindsey and Happy New Year!

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  2. I hope your mom is okay! I am having trouble getting outside with the cold too- SO drastic from the 60 degree temps we just had! My training cycle starts the 3rd of Jan for my spring half. I am ready but not looking forward to running through the cold/snow!

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