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I had a more relaxed morning routine today…more relaxed than usual at least! I didn’t get out and run because there was supposed to be rain…well, there was no rain and I missed a perfectly mild morning to get out. Oh well…never trust the weather people.


[drinks] iced coffee (coffee + ice), 32oz water x 2, Nuun All Day

[breakfast] bulletproof coffee (coffee + butter + coconut oil) + HOT PINK smoothie (beet + strawberries + banana + Greek yogurt + honey)

I had a decent amount of time in the morning to get some dishes done and prep my snacks/meals for the day. I received a beet in my Bountiful Basket last weekend and I knew that I wanted to try something different with it – so last night, I roasted it in prep for this mornings smoothie! I blended my drink, split it into 2 servings, and then added 1/2 banana, a little water, and ice and blended 1 serving up nice and cold!


HOT PINK Smoothie  |  beet + strawberries + banana + Greek yogurt + honey

1 large beet (chopped into 1″ cubes, roasted @375 for 50 minutes, then chilled)
1 cup strawberries (also from the Bountiful Basket last weekend)
1/2 banana
1 cup Greek yogurt, plain
1 tbsp honey

Blend well. Serves 2.

[morning snack] celery + peanut butter


[lunch] mixed greens + corn + black beans + carrot + avocado (from my Bountiful Basket) + dressing

I finally chopped up the fancy lettuce from my Bountiful Basket from a couple weeks ago (I am glad it kept well as long as I had it!) and used some of the leftover quesadilla toppings from Sunday nights dinner for salad fixings – add some carrot, avocado, and dressing – and it was a great, large salad!

**could have used some protein in the salad, but I was not thinking about it this morning**

[afternoon snack] grapefruit + venison jerky samples (in order : original + brown sugar + honey bbq + hot)

I am have already tried the venison jerky I made last weekend…but now I am trying them all back to back! I still love the brown sugar – but I am also liking the honey barbecue… I need to do a little research and see about some more flavors to make 🙂 I know the HOT isn’t hot enough for the hubs, so that recipe will be modified and tried again!

[pre dinner snack] cheese-its

Someone would REALLY love if I would “accidentally” drop a few…


[dinner] chicken salad

The hubs cooked up some chicken and all the fixings for hearty salads 🙂  Yep, I generally eat dinner at the kid’s table… 🙂


Just another day in the life! Check out the other WIAW posts with JennArman, Meghan, and Laura – I enjoy checking out the other link ups for meal inspiration!


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21 thoughts on “beets + peanut butter | WIAW

  1. Wow, that smoothie is beautiful! I would have never thought to put beets in my smoothie, but I love the looks of it.
    I have a feeling my dog would go crazy over cheez-its!


    1. The smoothie was great! I loved the color 🙂 I am surely going to try and use more beets in my smoothies because they have great recovery properties when it comes to being active 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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