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This weekends Meal Prep contributed heavily to my successful meals and snacks this week! With the help of my Bountiful Basket, I was able to make some fun meals (for me…not so much the hubs) for the week! I am really liking the mystery of the Bountiful Basket fruits and vegetables each week…and as long as I can eat most of the contributions throughout the week, I am comfortable getting baskets week-to-week (rather than every other week).  While this is my “What I Ate Wednesday” post – it is more like “What I Ate  Most Days This Week” : )


**somehow I crammed all of this into my lunch box for the day…


[drinks] 32oz water (x2) + iced coffee (coffee + ice) + Nuun All Day + Coke Zero (afternoon craving, very out of the norm…and then gave me a tummy ache, I guess I deserved it)

[breakfast] beet smoothie 

1 medium beet
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 banana
vanilla protein powder
water + ice

Blend and Enjoy! I roasted the beets on Saturday as a part of my Meal Prep for the week. I just kept them in the fridge and ready for blending any morning!

[morning snack] cottage cheese + cucumber + orange


[pre-workout] gnarly whey – chiseled chocolateIMG_8862

Well, since I waited a bit too long between meal/snacks, I needed a little something in my stomach before my workout (without eating a full meal and then needing to wait anther 2 hours before I could run). I’m glad I keep random samples of protein powder and bars at my desk for just this reason!

[lunch run] 5 easy miles + 0.25 mile walk back to work – I need to start taking an early “lunch” run starting…now! The times of running in the “heat of the day” is behind us…and an early morning run or early lunch run is going to have to be the new routine.


[lunch] pork loin + roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes + cucumber + salad greens + dressing

Again, this meal is thanks to Meal Prepping this weekend! I will always want a large lunch and a smaller dinner…that’s just how it goes. This was a filling lunch for sure, and I didn’t get the afternoon yawns (which sometimes happens after a big meal)!!


[dinner] cabbage “stir fry” + egg whites + cottage cheese (for the little man more than myself) + mandarin oranges + pork loin + avocado 

Some nights, I need to remember to just make one LARGE plate of food for the little guy and I to eat off of – it never fails that he is wanting to eat what I have on my plate, even though he has the same food on his plate… Sharing is caring,…or so I am told : ) 

[evening snack] plain Greek yogurt + frozen blueberries

I ended up snacking on cucumber from lunch through the end of my workday…so I didn’t have much of an appetite for an afternoon snack before dinner. So I moved my afternoon snack to after dinner : )

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