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summer session w13 | Weekly Workouts


Well…the heat came back this week… The mornings were in the 70-80s with high humidity…so I pushed workouts to my lunch breaks and evenings. I sure do not miss this heat…BRING THE FALL COOL!! Oh well…Mother Nature has a mind of her own (…esp in Kansas)! Ha!


Weekly Workouts

Monday- Since I was unable to run out at the Konza over the weekend, I wanted to go out on Labor Day – a nice, super windy run – 6.25 miles (15,067 steps)

Tuesday- Well, I didn’t get a morning run or even take a true lunch break…so the hubs helped me out and I was able to run after work – interval run (…though cut a little short), check! – 6 miles (15,663 steps)

Wednesday- I missed my morning run due to the heat and humidity…so I made sure that I ran my 0.5 mile to and from my Power Lunch workout at the gym. (10,675 steps)

Thursday- Since I didn’t REALLY get in a run yesterday, I decided to take on the elements for a hot, humid morning run… 6.5 miles (18,151 steps)

Friday- Oh boy…what a day! I started wanting to get to the gym early and get in my recovery run before yoga…that didn’t happen, but at least I got to yoga on time! Then, I walked to the store over my lunch…1 mile for the afternoon. (8,064 steps)

Saturday- Well, not every day goes as planned – my 20-miler was only 16 and I am okay with that! I wasn’t as late to the planned parties throughout the day, so all’s well that ends well 🙂 (36,928 steps)

Sunday– no workout – but somehow between “sleeping in”, no run, napping past noon, a Costco trip, and another nap until 6pm, I was able to still get in my steps… I later realized that it was because I was up until 2:30-3am the night before and a lot of those steps were probably at the bars…ha! (11,589 steps)

Weekly Miles : 36.75 workout miles  (116K weekly steps; 16.5K daily steps)

1246 / 2,016 miles in 2016 (…getting closer!!)

Next Week’s Projected Workouts


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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

20 thoughts on “summer session w13 | Weekly Workouts

  1. 37 miles is such a great weekly mileage! Cutting a 20 Miler short happens to all of us. Sometimes you can’t help that. You did absolutely great! Have a great running week Lindsey!


  2. The weather this week has been PERFECTION. It rained (during my race) and then got awesome. I ran on the treadmill this morning (tummy troubles necessitated it) but I was sad to do so! Great mileage!


  3. Sometimes, it just takes me longer to get out the door and I’m forced to cut my run short so I can make it to work on time. It happens. You still had a super strong week. I hope you enjoyed your birthday! Thanks for linking, Lindsey!


  4. Wow! Great week of running… your overall mileage is impressive. Sometimes we have to cut our long run a little short, glad you felt good about your decision 🙂


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