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Whistle Labs #whistlefit | Review

Friday…it is that time again! Friday Favorites!

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This week I am focusing on the other runner in our household – Miss Paisley!

Paisley is our 4 year old, high energy, yellow lab 🙂 The hubs picked her out of her litter and we have been a gang ever since!

Miss Paisley is the chunker on the left 🙂

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t worry about her health and how much activity she gets in a day… She is home alone for 9 hours while the hubs and I work, and likes to get into trouble…

One of the reasons Pai is getting into trouble is because she has some stockpiled energy and she uses that energy destroying things in the house…inside or out!


When I had the opportunity to test and review the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, I jumped at the chance to get a better look at Miss Pai’s activities throughout the day! I love meeting my step counts for the day…I could help Pai keep her activity levels up as well!

This week I am going over the 5 easy steps to use the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker and how you can get your own!

Disclaimer : This post was sponsored by Whistle Labs through my affiliation with Fit Approach. I received products to test and review. All opinions are my own and I was not further compensated for this review. 

Set Up Collar

Once we unboxed the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker I started reading how to set it up… There were a lot of parts and I needed the manual to really get started 🙂 You would think that I would get Pai a new color for this fancy new gadget…nope, still the same old orange!

Once I realized that I needed to plug in the device before we could use it, I went ahead and plugged it in while I read more about the tracker and set up the app.

The mount was easy to put on her collar and didn’t seem like it would bother her.


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Set up App

The app made it super easy to set up the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker so it would keep track of Pai’s movement through the day and night! Before I knew it, I was able to use the device (…or at least once it was fully charged)!


The next step to see how the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker worked was to PLAYYYY!! Frisbee is Pai’s favorite outdoor activity…other than running! Until I am able to find a collar/harness that doesn’t gag or rub her raw, we will stick to playing in the yard or the dog park 🙂

Whether I am playing in the yard or attempting some “relaxing” yoga in the living room, Pai is always ready to play (which isn’t always the most fun for me…)!

The problem with a high energy lab and a little boy is that neither of them want to let go of their toys 🙂 Yeah…there is usually some screaming happening, most of the time it is the little man…ha!

Once in a while, I can get Pai to sit still long enough to snap a selfie!

The more activity Pai has during the morning and evening, she is less likely to start tearing things up from boredom… A morning and evening frisbee toss session has helped keep Pai “calm” during the day and overnight. “Calm” is something we don’t see often with this gal 🙂

Check out the stats

Within a day, the stats started coming up on the app.

From what I read online, the tracker syncs with the app once or twice a day. I would love to be able to see what her active minutes are towards the end of the day so I know if I should wear her out a little more before bed…but it doesn’t always update until the morning.

I set Pai’s first goal to 30 minutes of activity a day. When Pai easily met this goal for 4 days, I upped it to 45 minutes…this might not have been the best idea because she hasn’t hit 45 minutes ever since. Ha!

From the info in the app, I can see that Pai is most active in the morning when I am getting around to go run, while I am out running, and while the hubs is getting ready for work. Minus a couple blips in the early afternoon, it looks like she rests most of the day and is more active again throughout the evening once I get home from work.

While this tracker is awesome for activity alone, it is also made for the worst case scenario…

Worst Case Scenario

We have not had issues with Pai running away from home, but we know several people that have lost their pets from either sneaking out the door, running off when scared, slipping our the backyard gate, or just wandering off…

One time, the hubs went hunting with Pai, a friend, and his dog. This was the first time Pai would hear gunshots and the hubs was hesitantly optimistic that Pai wouldn’t run off. Well, when the first shot rang out, Pai was calm and alert. On the other hand, the friend’s dog went AWOL! The rest of the afternoon trying to find his dog with no avail. The guys eventually headed home and the friend went back out with his wife to search again for the dog…he came out relatively quick with them both calling – but this situation could have turned out worse!

The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is the perfect tracker! I set up our house as Pai’s “Whistle Zone” and I get text alerts whenever she leaves this area. In addition, I can have the app track where Pai is headed and it shows me how to get to her!

The “whistle zone” can be easily changed when we go to the dog park or when we travel to stay with family. We have yet to lose Pai…but having the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker gives me piece of mind that I will be able to find her in case anything does happen!


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Disclaimer : This post was sponsored by Whistle Labs through my affiliation with Fit Approach. I received products to test and review. All opinions are my own and I was not further compensated for this review. 

Tweet: Check out the #review & #giveaway for the @WhistleLabs GPS Pet Tracker via @livinglovingrun! @fitapproach #sweatpink

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation! Have your pets ever been lost? Do you use a GPS tracker for your pets?

Happy Friday!!

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21 thoughts on “Whistle Labs #whistlefit | Review

  1. Harley is an escape artist. If the gate is not fully latched, he is out in a flash even though he is 13 almost 14 and at times very senile. Something about freedom just puts pep in his step. It would be really nice to have a product like this to make sure we can find him when he goes on his walk abouts!


  2. Orion, my Australian Shepherd is like Houdini. He can get out of anything. Right after a long run with him or a hard workout in the gym, he loves to escape the house and run down the street. He thinks it’s an epic game of chase…. I don’t think it is near as much fun as he thinks it is…. Seriously I’ve ran like 2 or 3 extra miles right after a workout because I had to chase that lil bugger. I really need a product like this!


    1. Oh my! I am so glad Pai isn’t a runner…she gets out the front door a couple times a week when little man opens the door for daddy coming home and such. She mostly just darts around the yard smelling the ground…seeing who all has been in her yard 😀😀


      1. Ha. You are lucky! I’m kinda nervous about us having kids for that very reason. (Orion should be around 7-8 by the time any future kids are opening doors though. So maybe he’ll have calmed down by then…. MAYBE.)


      2. I sure hope so! Our little man is bad about opening the front door if I don’t remember to bolt it… He is in charge of letting Pai in the backyard when we got home at the end of the day 🙂


  3. Ahhhh, adorable!!!

    My dogs are 14 years old and 10 months old. The older one used to get in all sorts of trouble. She’s a lab/husky mix. The younger one is a poodle/terrier mix and she likes to run away to play with her friends in the neighborhood. Luckily at home she’s laid back. 🙂


  4. Oh my gosh, Paisley is adorable. Just want to stare at that puppy pic for days :-). Love all the play time activities. That is definitely my favorite way to stay active (with our without pups hehe) and this device seems like a sure way to push that activity level for our pets.


  5. One of our pups got out and was lost for an hour or two a few years back. We searched everywhere for him but I guess he found one of our neighbor from down the street’s dogs and wanted to become best friends with him. Thank goodness our neighbor was nice and called us instead of calling the cops. Maybe this product would help save our bacon in the future.


    1. Yeah! My MIL told me just last night that my FIL took the dogs out for a walk. His dog is great with him off-leash but Pai just loves to run! Well…run she did!! He was out looking for her and she had already got back in the yard and was waiting for their return 😆😆


  6. My pup, Zimmer, is always taking adventures around the neighborhood. Fortunately he has been found each time but sometimes it has taken a while to locate him. I’ve never used a tracker device with him, but I think it might ease my mind to use something like this.


  7. Our family used to have a Rottweiler and someone stole it from our home. We put up posters and they actually called us and told us to stop looking for him! We never found him. Then we had a blue heeler someone took out of his gated fence. None of our neighbors saw who took him. Lastly, my uncle left his Pomeranian in the car while he went to get a soda during lunch and someone opened his car and took his dog. I would love this just to keep our family pets safe. The hardest part is I will never know what happened to our animals.


    1. Oh my goodness! Those are all horrible! I came home early last week to find the lawn maintenance people checking our sprinklers for winter…the gate was open but only because she was in and out of the backyard several times. I let Pai out back to play for a bit and she didn’t go anywhere near the gate until the lady came walking up… If I would have just let her out, she totally would have darted first thing! You can never be too safe…


  8. I’ve been saying forever that something like this should exist for dogs! Our dog gets the itch to run like a maniac sometimes and she takes off! She always comes back, but it would be so much more comforting to be able to know where she is!


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