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hawk fifty mile training + Stunt Puppy Review | w18

This week is the final week of training/tapering for my first 50 mile race – the weather is cooling off and I am itching to run more than ever! I guess that is what happens during the taper… Let’s see how this week went and check out the new Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo™ Dry Collar™.

Weekly Workouts

Monday- 4 miles 8 miles

Due to being back in civilization, I decided to juts hit up the treadmill early on Monday rather than head outside. While I would have LOVED to go outside, I didn’t know where I was (somewhere in Denver) and I didn’t want to get lost within a couple hours of leaving town… Plus, new hotel = new gym = new treadmill!

Tuesday- 3 miles easy + 1 mile with the pup + 1 mile walk

I rolled out of bed in enough time to run a few minutes late for meeting up with Angie…we ran 3 together – and then I took Pai out for a mile as well : ) I missed my running buddies!

In the evening, little man and I walked a 1/2 mile (out and back) to Angie’s house to return the borrowed sleeping bags from our camping adventure (because they are going on their own adventure this coming weekend!).

Wednesday- 2 miles

A nice family run (minus the working hubs) to finish up my last day of running in this training cycle! Next up, the BIG RACE!! (…and maybe some walking…)

Thursday- OFF

Friday- OFF

Saturday- Hawk 50 mile – Clinton Lake, Lawrence, KS

Sunday- RECOVERY + attempting to walk


Weekly Miles : 64miles + 1 walking miles

1713 / 2,016 miles in 2016

Medal earned

Disclaimer: I received the Stunt Puppy GO DOG GLO™ DRY COLLAR™ to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo™ Dry Collar™ | Review

By now you should know that I love trying new gear, and this love has rubbed off on my pup Paisley as well. She loves testing new gear!

We head outside at all times of the day or night, sunshine or rain. I recently received the opportunity to try the Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo™ Dry Collar™ and both Pai and I were stoked! 

Even though Miss Pai LOVES to run, the past couple weeks have been my taper time…so it has been good for us to just go for a morning short run and evening walks : ) With our trusty Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner (and poo bag) in hand, she goes NUTS because she knows she gets to head out the front door for some fun!

Clip and go!

Paisley getting out some wiggles after a morning run 

The Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo™ Dry Collar™ is made of a waterproof BioThane® – a virtually indestructible, flexible, stink-proof material. The double-D rings are great for tags and leash connections. I was able to easily move her Whistle GPS tracker to the 1″  collar – no need for tags. I am glad that the second D-ring is adjustable so I could move it away from the main buckle and tracker.

The durable, reflective collar is designed for active dogs and works great in daylight or low light conditions thanks to the 3M Reflective Edgeguard® trim! 

Day or night, I know the bright colors and reflective trim on Paisley’s Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo™ Dry Collar™ will help her be more visible! 

Here more specs for the Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo™ Dry Collar™ :

  • 3M Reflective Edgeguard® trim (as mentioned above)
  • Best-in-class Duraflex Wienerlock® buckle
  • Separate D-Ring just for tags to keep the jingling noise down
    • Variable position metal D-Ring for easy access to leash clip
  • Six fun, bright colors (orange, yellow, pink, royal, ocean, & red)
  • Made in USA

Due to the force of Paisley’s pulling (or walking/running me rather than the other way around), I was glad to see that the Duraflex Wienerlock® buckle can support up to 225 pound of force!

Paisley and I have put the Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo™ Dry Collar™ through the running/pulling ringer, and we both feel like it passes the test!

I am more comfortable running with her in the early morning or evening without worry that she will not be seen!

With our Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner and Go Dog Glo™ Dry Collar™, we can hit the streets in style! Many miles to go…

2 of my 3 favorite running buddies ready for an evening jaunt : )

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Puppy Glo Run Dry Collar!

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The Go Dog Glo™ Dry Collar™ works great poolside…water is no issue with this one! But probably the only “calm” picture I will ever be able to take… (I was sprayed by water soon after this was taken)

Do you like what you see and want to have some Stunt Puppy gear in your life?!

You can use the offer code “BIBRAVE917” for 20% off your online purchase!! Also, check out Stunt Puppy on their social media outlets :

Facebook          Twitter          Instagram

There will be a #BibChat on September 19th with BibRave and StuntPuppy – we will be talking all about running buddies (human and canine I’m sure!)! Just search and follow the hashtag #BibChat to join in the conversation – I will be @livinglovingrun if you would like to be new social friends! There is a chance to win a giveaway 1 of 2 Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo™ Dry Collar™ during the chat hour – join in for a chance to win!!

Next Week’s Projected Workouts

…I am not sure what next week holds…

Will I be able to walk? Will I want to walk?

I know that I need to think about my running in the weeks leading up to the Kansas City Marathon on October 21st! 

Have you registered? If not, you should use the offer “BIBRAVE17” at checkout for 15% off your KCM distance of choice! Not ready for a marathon? Register for the 5K, 10K, or half marathon distances too!

I’ll see you on course! I’ll be sporting the BibRave ORANGE! Check out why I think you should run the KCM and what I am looking forward to this year!

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How did your training week go?

What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

23 thoughts on “hawk fifty mile training + Stunt Puppy Review | w18

  1. Congratulations on your 50 miler, what an amazing experience! And your vacation looks like you had some amazing places to run! Enjoy some rest! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was hoping this was the race recap… I’ll just have to wait! That’s a really cool dog collar. I have never run with a dog, but I do volunteer at the Humane Society and walk dogs. Which is huge because I was afraid of dogs before I started walking them!! (was bit by a German Shepard as a kid). Luckily I have made friends with most dogs again.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on the 50! That’s amazing! I crewed in Leadville one year and was in awe. That looks like a great collar. I’m often out walking my pups in the dark. I wonder if they make a harness??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The leash that I am wearing in the pictures is also Stunt Puppy, but it doesn’t have reflective elements. They do make harnesses (in the “MORE” section of their website) with similar “GLO” attributions 🙂


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