Tuesdays on the Run

Spring Race Schedule – Tuesdays on the Run

For this week’s Tuesdays on the Run, we are talking about our spring race plans! Check out everyone’s link up plans with Patty, Marcia, and Erika! This time of the year is a mix bag for KS weather… Some days it is in the 40-50+ and beautiful and other days are briskly cold, crazy headwind and the chance… Continue reading Spring Race Schedule – Tuesdays on the Run

Tuesdays on the Run

Virtual Running Events – FitFam Launch

Have you ever wanted to run a race, but the start time or location was less than ideal?

I ran in virtual running events hosted by Gametiime in the past and I have been a part of their online community ever since. When the opportunity arose to be a part of a new, online community to empower and inspire people to be healthy and active, I jumped at the opportunity. The new FitFam virtual event platform was launched 10/10/15!