High Five Friday

five ways to aid recovery | Friday Five

After my first 50K, I felt pain like never before…well, that is a lie. I felt similar pains after my first marathon – the Garmin Marathon, in April. The plus was that since I new similar pain from my 26.2, I was a little more prepared for the pain I would feel at my first 50K. … Continue reading five ways to aid recovery | Friday Five

Weekly Workout

summer session w10 | Weekly Workouts

Since I started mixing up weekend workouts due to pacing the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon last weekend, this week’s easier workouts suited me well… But it means that I will be getting a “nice” long run this weekend… Phew, what a week! Weekly Workouts Monday- easy morning run with Angie (6 miles) (21,807 steps) View… Continue reading summer session w10 | Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workout

summer session w9 | Weekly Workouts

Another week full of miles! I decided to take the week a little easier and just run some easy paced miles. With the half marathon on Saturday, I didn’t want to take too much out of my system. Check out the Virtual Run Giveaway at the bottom of the post!! Weekly Workouts Monday- a morning run didn’t… Continue reading summer session w9 | Weekly Workouts