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Well…the Hawk 50 has been run and I am in the recovery phase of that training cycle. Or…the “start walking more like a normal person” phase… I believe that my legs are feeling so great because I wore my new SKINS A400 Compression tights for the race! Check out all the great features on my… Continue reading in between… | Weekly Workouts

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hawk fifty mile training + Stunt Puppy Review | w18

This week is the final week of training/tapering for my first 50 mile race – the weather is cooling off and I am itching to run more than ever! I guess that is what happens during the taper… Let’s see how this week went and check out the new Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo™ Dry Collar™.

Weekly Workout

hawk fifty mile training| w17

The week started out strong (on Tuesday of course) and traveling to elevation in CO made getting in my Saturday/Sunday/Monday runs a little more interesting! Only one more week until the big dance…er, run/power hike/walk/swim… Yeah, I hope the water goes down BIG TIME because I wasn’t planning on swimming… Weekly Workouts Monday- OFF Tuesday- 4 miles… Continue reading hawk fifty mile training| w17

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hawk fifty mile training | w13

This week has been a good one! The weather is getting nicer, my runs haven’t felt bad, and did I mention the weather has been GREAT?! I love fall weather…and since it isn’t the fall quite yet, I am still waiting on the real cool down. Losing a couple degrees here and there is on the right track…

Another week down in my training for the Hawk 50 in September – a mere 5 weeks away!! I am not nervous – but I am getting excited to get to run all day and into the evening : ) Weird, huh? Running is mostly a solo gig for me…so the 50M distance is 1) a new challenge, 2) a super supported long, long run, and 3) a lot of time to think. #Team2Loops