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compression tension movement + OZ Marathon w5 | training for 100M

As an active individual, I run into little niggles and issues from time to time. With the growing mileage I plan to run this year, I now have confidence that using tools like the CTM Band will keep my muscles happy! Plus, it’s PEAK WEEK in my training for the Garmin Marathon in a few short weeks! Check it out!

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winter 26.2 training w1 | Weekly Workouts

Well, I am officially through my first week of marathon training for 2017! I am pacing the Garmin Marathon in April 🙂 Yeah, this was my first marathon (ever) last year and I have learned a lot! I am excited to be able to pace this race! Here we go!   Weekly Workouts Monday- Since I… Continue reading winter 26.2 training w1 | Weekly Workouts

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just running… | Weekly Workouts

Well…it looks like I missed a week; so this is a double header!! Check out my Runners Gift Guide as well for some ideas for gifting your favorite runner (or just me…) this holiday season! Weekly Workouts 11/7-11/13 Monday- no workout…I need to make a BIG change this month and make my Monday’s count!! Maybe next week…… Continue reading just running… | Weekly Workouts

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running + wedding + running | Weekend Happenings

I am not completely sure how my weekend got planned…but it is here and it is a busy one! Friday I started my pre-weekend with some much needed yoga at the gym. The calm before the storm of my weekend plans 🙂 View this post on Instagram My calm before the storm 🙏 This weekend… Continue reading running + wedding + running | Weekend Happenings

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MO Cowbell Half Marathon | Review

This was a great race through and through! The ExMO was a lot fun and there was a lot to do and see. The morning of the race was beautiful and perfect weather for the half marathon distance. The volunteers were nice. The post race party was a lot of fun with things to do with the entire family. This is certainly a race that I would enjoy running the Mo Cowbell Half (or full) Marathon again.