sweet tooth + almond butter | WIAW

Well, this week is a little odd…a short work week with a holiday in the middle! I also had plans to get in a nice run today…did it happen?? Spoiler alert…no. [workout attempt #1] Well, my alarm went off, I wanted to run, but the torrential downpour kept me from venturing out… [breakfast] bulletproof coffee – Since… Continue reading sweet tooth + almond butter | WIAW

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fresh eats + meal prep + play time | Weekend Happenings

Well…I am just going to call this a relaxing weekend…

I have spent every weekend running and running…and running! This weekend is just going to be a lazy weekend 🙂 And somehow, I am okay with that.

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run + market + rain | Weekend Wrap pt1

Saturday Like most weekends, I started out with a run. The best way, right?!  I almost over slept to meet up with the group…but coffee was ready and I was out the door in no time! I needed a 60 minute run today – which I equate to 6 miles (even if it takes a… Continue reading run + market + rain | Weekend Wrap pt1


squash + spring rolls | WIAW

Well, this whole Paleo thing isn’t too bad… As much as I love my sugar and bread carbs, I have been able to stay away! I am doing well most of the time…with the few exceptions of the small amount of cheese on the broccoli bake and hummus. I knew that I would be going in 80/20 to 90/10 in the beginning so I wasn’t wasting food at home – and I am fairly proud of my discipline! Just another day in the life!


spiralized + stir fry | WIAW

Start of a new week! I hope this week is finding you well with your meal prepping efforts! Our fridge is full of containers of spiralized zucchini and sweet potatoes, cabbage “stir fry”, roasted vegetables, freshly cut vegetables, and so much more 🙂 My meal prepping efforts happened on Sunday and I hope that they… Continue reading spiralized + stir fry | WIAW