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SIS REGO Rapid Recovery Protein | Review

Disclaimer: I received Science In Sport REGO Rapid Recovery to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

Let me be honest. When I get home from a run…I KNOWWWW I should be eating or drinking something to help with my muscle recovery but it just doesn’t happen all that often. Yes, it is pure laziness and I just don’t have the energy to make anything…

When the opportunity came up to try a workout recovery drink, my interest was peaked. I opted in to test the Science In Sport Rapid Recovery sport recovery supplement and hoped having a “quick” option for nutrition after my harder workouts would benefit my recovery.

Let’s dive in!

SIS REGO Rapid Recovery Protein

Once I received the SIS REGO Rapid Recovery product, I added it into my routine after my evening running workouts. I received a small canister of Chocolate, a few of the packets of Strawberry, and a branded shaker bottle.

In recent times, evening running is the only time I can get in a good workout. After my evening workouts, I am not real sure how to refuel without eating too much RIGHT before bed. I feel like the SIS REGO Rapid Recovery works great in my situation with 22g carbs, 20g protein and electrolytes with vitamins and minerals. Another great aspect of this product is that it is :

  • dairy-free (a current allergy of mine)
  • gluten-free (a current allergy of mine)
  • nut-free
  • vegetarian
  • wheat-free (a current allergy of mine)

final thoughts

Overall, I am really enjoying this product! I have noticed that I am less sore the day after a hard workout and I feel like I am ready to take on another workout sooner.

I really enjoy the chocolate flavor with most supplements and SIS REGO Rapid Recovery is super good. I have enjoyed the flavor a little more when blended with less water, but it is great either way. On the other hand, I have not been a big fan of strawberry flavored products — and I did not enjoy the strawberry flavor with this product. I have yet to try the vanilla.

At this point, I would totally recommend this product to my friends/family if they were looking for a post-worout recovery drink!

Check out Science In Sport on their social handles for inspiring images and to get the scoop on new products : Facebook – Twitter – InstagramYouTube

How do you recover from your workouts?

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