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fresh eats + meal prep + play time | Weekend Happenings

Well…I am just going to call this a relaxing weekend…

I have spent every weekend running and running…and running! This weekend is just going to be a lazy weekend 🙂 And somehow, I am okay with that.

bountiful basket · Meal Prep

roasting + Bountiful Basket | Meal Prep

This weekend was a blur…I am not totally sure what happened. All lies, you can check it out here 🙂 It was a busy weekend for sure! Play dates, dinners, Bountiful Basket pick up, potty breaks, consignment sale,…the weekend goes on and on…and then it is Monday! This Weekend’s Bountiful Basket 1 watermelon – the first… Continue reading roasting + Bountiful Basket | Meal Prep

bountiful basket · Weekly Wrap Up & Happenings

play dates + potty breaks | Weekend Wrap

Friday As always, the weekend starts on FRIDAY!! After picking up little man from daycare, we headed to the stadium to tailgate for the Kansas State/Texas baseball game. Between our department and the marketing department at work, a tailgate was arranged and I wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to get little man into… Continue reading play dates + potty breaks | Weekend Wrap

bountiful basket · Weekly Wrap Up & Happenings

potty training + Bountiful Basket | Weekend Wrap

Well, since I am poor in the time management category of life, this is a 2-parter! Both weekends contained potty training, Bountiful Baskets, and running : ) Last Weekend Saturday The day started much like most Saturday’s – with a morning run! I knew we were going to get a decent amount of rain…and I… Continue reading potty training + Bountiful Basket | Weekend Wrap

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Bountiful Basket | Meal Prep

Similar to my Weekend Wrap, I just didn’t complete/publish many posts last week…nothing we can do about that now! So this weeks Meal Prep post will also be a similar 2-fer as the Weekend Wrap to come : ) Both weekends, I contributed to a Bountiful Basket and received some very different items each week! I… Continue reading Bountiful Basket | Meal Prep