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Spring Race Schedule – Tuesdays on the Run

For this week’s Tuesdays on the Run, we are talking about our spring race plans! Check out everyone’s link up plans with PattyMarcia, and Erika!

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This time of the year is a mix bag for KS weather… Some days it is in the 40-50+ and beautiful and other days are briskly cold, crazy headwind and the chance of freezing rain or snow. For today, we got quite a bit rain last night (was supposed to be 12” of snow) because the temps were in the 40s. Oh well, more puddles to splash in, I guess. The only major issue is that the temps are supposed to drop the rest of the week…which means all of that water is going to make for some slippery paths…

Spring Races

This spring holds my next goal of 2016 in its grasp – my first full marathon! I am in week 6 of training for the Garmin Marathon on April 16th in Olathe, KS. This is a race that used to start just down the road from my parent’s house, at Garmin’s KS Headquarters. Now that they are expanding their footprint in the area, they changed up the course quite a bit. I haven’t looked lately to see if they have released any more information, but I am sure getting excited!! Plus, since the race is where our families and friends reside, I can talk a few of them into coming out to the course and cheering everyone (especially me!!) on to the finish!



This spring also brings another exciting venture to my running realm. I volunteered to work with the Smart Pacing team, from The Runner’s Edge, based in KC. The first race that I was interested in Smart Pacing is the local Bill Snyder Highway Half Marathon. This was my first half marathon experience and I wanted to help other runners get through this course! Once I was chosen to pace this race, I decided to start a conversation with the leader of The Runner’s Edge Smart Pacing team about additional races to pace this year. There are several races that this team paces year to year, many of which I have race solo and know the course. From this connection, I am now going to help others meet their running goals by Smart Pacing the Lincoln Half Marathon, Scout Strong Challenge, and Bill Snyder Highway Half.

The last big part of my spring racing schedule are the virtual runs! I am an ambassador for FitFam and virtual races are the bread-and-butter of the organization. As far as I know, there is the goal to have one virtual race a month and I plan on trying to complete all of these events in support of the mission! So far this year, I have completed the first annual FitFam Challenge – I signed up and ran the 10k distance (since my marathon training would work with that distance for that weekend’s run). Upcoming events include the Nuun Year Dash and Pi Day 5k races – still time to sign up for the Pi Day race!!

What are your spring races? How is the weather affecting your training?

Are you running 2,016 miles in 2016? Join me for the fun and challenge!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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