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#tbt | that time we went to CO for a wedding…

Life can get sooooo busy sometimes…and then blog posts that have TONS of beautiful pictures go to the wayside and more life happens…and so on.

Story of my life lately!

This week, I am Thinking Out Loud about our trip to Colorado in September for a wonderful wedding weekend! Here is the very picture heavy post!

High Five Friday

friday five, er…favorite five? whatever…

Well, this week has FLOWN by…didn’t help that we were driving for a good day of it… And tomorrow is my BIG RACE!! (breathe in….breathe out) I wanted to have my image HEAVY posts ready from our trip, but they are nowhere near complete!…so I will just give you a sample of some of the… Continue reading friday five, er…favorite five? whatever…

Weekly Wrap Up & Happenings

birthday boy | Weekend Happenings

This past week It cracks me up when I can go from one week just posting my Weekly Workouts and Weekend Happenings to the next week posting almost every day… Some weeks are just better set for blogging I guess!  This week I posted my Weekly Workouts (training for my next marathon as a pacer… Continue reading birthday boy | Weekend Happenings