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OZ Marathon w2 + the best in compression | training for 100M

After my failed attempt at the Run Toto Run 50K a couple weeks ago, I wasn’t sure how quickly I would be able to get back into my next training cycle. Frankly, I didn’t push myself to complete the scheduled training miles on the plan for the week after the race.  I was pleasantly surprised that my “active recovery week” after the race ended up with 35 miles!

Do you know what I account a big portion of my positive post-race week of miles? The amazing SKINS DNAmic Compression tights that I wore at the race and for the following week (whenever possible)! 

Weekly Workout

last pacing | weekly workouts

Well, this isn’t my last pacing weekend for FOREVER, just for 2017… Since my marathon last month, I just haven’t gotten into a good groove with “training”. Since there isn’t too much I can “train for” between races, I have just been recovering, running when I can or have the motivation to, and “conserving my energy” for this weekend! At least that’s what I tell myself…

Did you check out my blog post last Friday about the open BibRave Pro applications? If you are reading this, you should probably check it out : )

Weekly Workout

hawk fifty mile training + Brilliant Reflective | w8

Another week bites the dust! The heat is on and the morning humidity is no fun…but we made it through! Weekly Workouts Monday- OFF DAY Over my lunch break, I walked to the store and back – 1.5 miles total. Nothing too exciting…and no pictures to show since my phone had 3% battery (one of the… Continue reading hawk fifty mile training + Brilliant Reflective | w8

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winter 26.2 training w10 | Weekly Workouts

Other than Mother Nature not knowing which way is up, the cooler temps didn’t hold back the miles much! Weekly Workouts Monday- Morning winds gave way to…afternoon winds!! Oh well, a battle with Mother Nature always mixes things up 😂 Holy WIND!! I didn't run this morning because of the wind…but I was just delaying the… Continue reading winter 26.2 training w10 | Weekly Workouts