Weekly Workout

hawk fifty mile training + SmellWell Giveaway | w7

Training plan week – flawless execution! With the exception of a few extra mile walks, my plan is on track!  I have also been #streakingwiththeCOOLkids this month. I have been able to get in at least a mile everyday this month! Win! Weekly Workouts Monday- OFF DAY On my days off from running, little man and… Continue reading hawk fifty mile training + SmellWell Giveaway | w7

Tuesdays on the Run

long run | Scenes On My Run

This week, the Tuesday’s On The Run gang is going through some of their Scenes On The Run. 

I typically only take pictures for my own sake, but this last weekends long run was a bit different. I ran a point-to-point route from my in-laws house to my best friends house 13 miles down the road! 

Since I cannot run on the highway and I wanted to pit-stop at my parents house, my planned run (and training plan miles) ended up being 18 miles!

Come run with me!