Weekly Wrap Up & Happenings

double whammy | Weekend Happenings

Well…I noticed I had an additional draft in my folder…and it was my recap from last weekend…well…

So, this will be a recap of the past 2 weekends – a double whammy!

Two very different weekends – first with the little man and the second as solo adults:) We do not EVER get weekends without little man…and we are going to take a little advantage of this time!

Weekly Workout

summer session w5 | Weekly Workouts

I really struggled with getting my workouts early this week…a mix of the hubs working early and late, needing to be around in the morning to take little man to daycare, and late evenings, I just didn’t get around early enough to take advantage of my mornings. Oh well…it happens. I am glad that I… Continue reading summer session w5 | Weekly Workouts


squash + spring rolls | WIAW

Well, this whole Paleo thing isn’t too bad… As much as I love my sugar and bread carbs, I have been able to stay away! I am doing well most of the time…with the few exceptions of the small amount of cheese on the broccoli bake and hummus. I knew that I would be going in 80/20 to 90/10 in the beginning so I wasn’t wasting food at home – and I am fairly proud of my discipline! Just another day in the life!