Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud

I am linking up with Amanda from Running With Spoons for this weeks Thinking Out Loud 🙂 Thinking-Out-Loud

  • I really love the “move” vibration on my Garmin watch. On running days, I can get complacent that I already hit my step goal…before 8am. The “move” vibration goes off after an hour of inactivity. By getting up and taking a brief walk, I have found that I am less sore during the week! Coincidence…surely!
the “move” was not felt – since it is sitting at 2 hours since movement…I guess chasing a toddler around doesn’t account for much with Garmin 🙂
  • While meal prepping can be time consuming; it has really helped me feel more confident with my nutrition. I lost 25% of my body weight this past year and I am now more mindful of my daily food intake and how it impacts my fitness. Meal prepping on the weekend is a great way to get set for the week!
zucchini in the crock pot (try sauteed next time), cottage cheese and yogurt in portioned cups, sweet potatoes in the crockpot
  • I love my cats! Our two fur babies are basically little dogs! Jadea, my cat, cries out to be played with and will bring you any object she can fit in her mouth to play fetch. Barley, my hubs cat, is our guard kitty and fiercely protects the front of the house from other neighborhood cats. No really! You know that sounds that a cat makes when you accidently step on them…? That that times 10 and that is the noise that Barley uses to deter the roaming neighbor cats from our patio! All of the pets, including the actual dog Paisley, keep my living room workouts interesting. I usually have one of the three (mostly the dog) trying to get in a belly rub while I am stretching. 
Jadea (left) Paisley (center) Barley (right)
  • It gets dark ENTIRELY too early these days! I did not sign up for a 5:30pm sunset and 6pm darkness, no thanks! That makes me think – I really need to get some lights or reflective things to put on the jogger. So when those after work running/walking situations happen, people can actually see us!


  • I need another box of dark chocolate covered espresso beans at my desk at work! These are the best pick-me-up and “taste of chocolate” I could have at my desk. I only eat about 2-3 at a time…once or twice a day. For 15-20 calories, I get a little taste of chocolate and coffee when I need it the most!
1serving of beans (32beans!) VS the 3beans I eat as a “serving” – I would be WiReD if I ate a full serving!
  • I am thinking about signing up for my first marathon…eeeeee! There is one in my hometown in 5months… Over coffee, 2 years ago, I told my best friend, I want to run the Garmin (half) marathon next year! Well that year passed, I have run 4 half marathons since, and now I am thinking about making this race my first full marathon!


What are you thinking about?

Any races you are thinking about signing up for next year? 

2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. That ‘move’ feature sounds awesome! I actually set a few alarms on my phone to make sure that I get up and take a quick walk or stretch when I’m working, and I’ve definitely noticed it made a huge difference in how I feel. Siting for too long can tire me out like nothing else!


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