High Five Friday

High Five Friday

I am joining Happy Fit Mama for High Five Friday this week! These are just groups of 5 things that I enjoyed this past week on Instagram, running/fitness info, and pinterest!




If every run could be this breathtaking!

We are still in AW that we took the crown! #GoRoayls!

The fall colors are looking great this time of the year! This would be an amazing place to run!

If every sunset could be this amazing!

Really baring those legs today – looking at new ways of taking pictures on/of my runs!



“10 reasons to keep running all winter long” from @hungryrunnergirl
I am really looking forward to running this winter, and she hit the nail on the head!

“My Hip & Glute Exercise Routine to Prevent Running Injuries” from @rUnladylike
I am looking for several ways to strength train over the winter, and this is a great group of exercises for me to work on hip/glute strength!

“5 Tips to Get Over Sickness Before Race Day” from Fuel Your Future with Tina Muir
I will surely be reading this more throughout the winter season and beyond! Great tips to remember when not feeling 100%

Tips for 1st Time Marathon Runners
Since I am looking into training for my first marathon, I think I need to find a lot more insider tips from experienced marathoners!

“Transition from Half Marathon to Marathon Training” from Run To The Finish
Again, I need to keep reading up on the ½ to full transition for next year!

Fav Pins


Cream Cheese filled Banana Bread
I had a couple OLD bananas that needed to be put out of their misery – this was the perfect solution!

Meal Prep (like a CHAMP!)
Someday, I will be this prepared for the week – meal prep like a BOSS!

50 Christmas Candy Recipe
The past few years, I have been very DIY when it comes to gifting – these would be great ideas to make for gifts this holiday season!

Healthy Lunch Ideas
I could always use more lunch ideas!

Best Gifts for Runners
It is never too early to start planting the gifting idea seeds in my husband’s mind!

What are some of your favorites for this week?

Are you ready to start planning for the holidays?

10 thoughts on “High Five Friday

  1. Love all those IG photos! So beautiful and inspiring. And hey! That’s my gifts for runners pin! So fun to see that here. I’ll have a new gift guide up next week (I hope!).


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