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How is your week going?! I am busy busy busy…work is busy, home is busy…and we are in the thick of potty training!! The little man understands HOW to go potty when he is ON the potty…he is still missing the link to when he pottys when he is NOT on the potty… At least I was not home yet when the hubs had to handle a no2 blowout in the underwear last night (**whomp whomp**)!! 

Well, here’s to a great day of eats!! Since the hubs made a great pork loin on the smoker on Sunday, we will be eating pork all week (sometimes, twice a day…cuz it is that good!!).


[IMG_8691drinks] bulletproof coffee + 32oz water (x3) + Nuun

[breakfast] bulletproof coffee + breakfast cookie

I was able to finally use a few old ripe bananas this weekend and make a batch of LARGE breakfast cookies. I always seem to be tweaking the base recipe to my taste each time I make them, and these are great!

[morning snack] plain Greek yogurt + Nektar honey crystals + cucumber + sweet potato

I mixed up my planned snacks a little – I didn’t feel like digging too far into my bag to find my apple and celery… Oh well, still a satisfying snack! I also added an oatmeal cookie to the mix…a little dry but good : )

[lunch] pork loin + roasted potatoes + cucumber

A yummy and filling lunch! Since the hubs made a great pork loin on Sunday, we will be eating it all week…and sometimes I enjoy it twice in one day!!

[afternoon snack] apple + celery + plain Greek yogurt + Nektar honey crystals

[dinner] pork loin + sweet potatoes + tomato + avocado

I am not sure how much of MY dinner I actually ate – the little guy was seemingly still starving after eating a similar meal (minus the pork – I think he is boycotting meat…)…


[evening date night] potty training means that we spend a lot of time “hanging out” in the bathroom…IMG_8708

Just another day in the life! Check out the other WIAW posts with Jenn and her gang of foodies – Arman, Meghan, and Laura. I enjoy checking out the other link ups for meal inspiration!


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2 thoughts on “breakfast cookie + pork loin | WIAW

    1. 😀 He does alright at home now,…we go sit on the potty every 30-45 minutes and he does his thing most times. He doesn’t like going at daycare… So they send home almost all of the clothes I send each day for laundry every night… I am not sure what to do about his headstrong attitude when I am not around, oh well.


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