Ultimate Coffee Date

Ultimate Coffee Date | April 2016

Good morning coffee drinkers! I pushed back my last “longer run” to tomorrow morning because it is going to be 15+ degrees warmer and just a better day for it… Let’s chat! Join Coco, Deborah, and Lynda for the Ultimate Coffee Date link up!


I’m up! I’m up! If we were having coffee (which I finally am)…

I would tell you that I REALLY value my Saturday and Sunday morning routine of sitting at the “kids table” for breakfast with my little guy : ) Even though he would Rather eat my breakfast (even though MOST days it is the same as what he has on his plate…). Not today! My oatmeal was a little more dressed up than usual – honey, PBFit, dark chocolate chips, cinnamon, stevia, and a mint chocolate covered espresso bean : ) – bullet proof coffee on the side!

If we were chatting over coffee…

I would gush that my first marathon is merely 2 weeks away!! Eeekkkkk!! I am equally excited and nervous about running the distance… Depending on how it goes, this could be my first and last marathon. Oh boy…


If we were discussing my current life…

Potty. Training.

There I said it…geysers and blowouts account for my current pitfalls. Weekend 1 was rough (last weekend), week 1 started rough (like sending ALL of the pants/undies home and sending the kid home in a diaper because the ran out of clothes…) through about Wednesday…then the daycare figured out that he would rather sit on the big potty and not the toddler seat! Thursday, 2 pairs of clothes sent home to clean. Friday, 0!!!

All of this being said, “let’s go sit on the potty” happens every 30-60 minutes and little man had yet to tell us when he wants/needs to go sit on the potty…I guess that all come with time. Any suggestions??

If we were sipping on some brews…

I’d mention that I am really excited and nervous about starting with the Smart Pacing team with the Runners Edge in KC.  We had a meeting last Thursday to pick up some of our spring race pacer shirts, pacing bands, and pacing sticks. I was able to meet a few of the more experienced pacers, a few of the newbs like myself, and the leader of the pack, Eladio! I am glad I made the trip out to go to the meetings because I gained a better sense of calm concerning Smart Pacing. I am not sure how it will all go…but I look forward to the opportunity to help fellow racers meet their goals!

One of the exciting things was that I manned the Bill Snyder Highway Half table to hand out shirts, etc. I was about to meet Richard, my fellow pacer for the race! Since this year is just the second year for the Bill and the first for the Smart Pacing team, out feedback for pacing will be important for future years : )

If we were relaxin and having our favorite cup of Joe…

I’d ask if you had kiddos that would enjoy a play date??? Our little man is quite the talker with the hubs and I and both sets of grandparents…but other than that, it takes a lot of effort to get him to open up. Even at daycare, he is pretty shy – and he sees those kiddos everyday! Sheesh…

We try to have play dates with Miss Juliana whenever we are in KC for the weekend. We also try and play with the cousins when we have a little time… I think we just need to have more opportunities for him to come out of his shell : )

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If we were still putting up with each other over coffee…

I would ask if you have ever heard of Bountiful Baskets? We have a weekly contribution sign up and this is the first time I am contributing back-to-back weeks! I ate up most of the vegetables from last week and have the fridge ready for more! If we get anymore apples or oranges this week, I am going to have to make juice and chips because we already have too many… Too much of a good thing means you just have to think outside the box : )

Well…that’s all she wrote – this week : )

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Any suggestions for potty training? Are you training for a upcoming running event? Have you ever used pacers in a race?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

9 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date | April 2016

  1. Good luck for your first marathon! How exciting!

    If we were having coffee, I would tell you that your breakfast sounded amazing, and I have breakfast envy!


  2. I think I’ve heard of Bountiful Baskets. We do a farm share at work (is that similar?) and it’ll be starting up in June…I can’t wait for the fresh produce every 2 weeks!

    Potty training sounds sooo hard. I don’t have kids yet, so I have no clue how to deal with that, sorry! I hope you have a great marathon coming up!


  3. Lindsey, thank you for having coffee with us. I am so happy to be done with potty training. I love having breakfast with my kids and I make them breakfast every morning even still and they are 15 and 14. Good luck with your first marathon, I have yet to take one on. I am not brave enough, so I will stick with running half marathons.


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