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First thought for the pre-weekend, I finally received all of the prizes for Live and Diet L.A. Expo West Prize Pack! The hubs was jealous of all the boxes that came to the door with my name on them…I assured him that I wasn’t going crazy buying things online 🙂 Check out the great giveaway haul!Expo West 2016 Giveaway

The awesome Expo West Prize Pack included:

Now that I have all my goodies, I can start chowing down! I used the Nuvia Buttery Coconut Oil in my bulletproof coffee this morning (no butter needed!!). I know the Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP, Biena Chickpea Snacks, and Viki’s Granola will be hitting the road with me this weekend (hopefully in divided containers, so I don’t eat it all in one sitting!!).



As I mentioned before, I started the day with some bulletproof coffee and a mango 🙂 Wonderful breakfast to start the last working day of the week! Worked all day and didn’t take a lunch break away from my desk…

Once I picked up little man, we made the rounds around town : Walmart (looking for a rain coat…no dice – got a couple $1 ponchos for the start on Sunday), bank, Target (no winning on the rain coat…bummer, the search continues), visit dad at work, start to head home but decide to stop by Dick’s…WINNER! They have waterproof jackets and they are on sale!!  Bonus 🙂 By this time, our “dinner” was just snacking and little man was wearing thin…

I spent he remainder of the evening wrangling a worn out, strung out little man…cuddling with said crazy kid, then cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, and aimlessly wandering around the house packing… I got to bed A LOT later than I wanted to, but everything was relatively set to leave in the morning.


I guess life wouldn’t be interesting without curve balls… Around 1-1:30am, little man was yelling “Potty Potty Potty” in his room. Yes, we are potty training, but he still wears a diaper to bed…hoping that he would go back to sleep, I let him yell for a little bit. Nope – still yelling. So I go in his room and he is upset that he needs to potty, or so he thinks… I took him to the bathroom where he just sat on the potty with a dead stare…around this time, the hubs comes home from a night out with a coworker. He is convinced that little man is sleeping with his eyes open on the potty…but when I try to take him off, he freaks out. After some talking him down, I get him back to his room and back to bed… Poor guy! Back to bed…for a few more hours. About his time, I realize that I forgot my printed papers at work that I need to take to Lincoln with me…shoot. Then my brain wouldn’t turn off for a bit…just thinking about the weekend to come…

The alarm that I work up to went off at 4:30am…well, I missed my 4:15am alarm! I had to get around and get going faster that I planned already. Shower ✔️ Coffee ✔️ Laundry ✔️ Pack last minute items ✔️ Pack car ✔️ Grab coffee ✔️ Lock door…drive away. First stop, work – to get the paperwork I forgot.

Along the way, I passed the runners I would have been running with if I wasn’t headed to Nebraska for the weekend…reflective gear and all 🙂 Happy, jealous smile!

Work, in, grab papers, out, on the road!

Randolph ✔️ Waterville ✔️ Blue Rapids ✔️ Marysville ✔️ Nebraska state line 😀 Wymore ✔️ Beatrice ✔️ (pretty churches)  Courtland ✔️ LINCOLN!!

IMG_9744Once I got to the expo location, the Cornhusker Marriott Hotel, I just followed the “runner looking” people to the expo and packet pickup location.

I found the pacer table and hung out with Shawn for a little while. He ran Lincoln last year and knows the course. Between him and Margaret, I feel like I have a better idea of the course!

Around 9am, the Red Dirt Racing group gathered a group of runners for a 2 mile shake out. I didn’t plan on running because of my pacer table commitment, but Shawn assured me they had it under control 🙂 I am glad I went! Minus the stop and go of stoplights, it was a fun run listening to everyone talk about running, racing, BQ, travel plans, etc. The run was a good shake out and guide for how to dress in the morning… Shorts, socks, pace shirt, poncho (toss after start), hat…nothing new (other than the poncho and rain). 

IMG_9760Once we got back from the run, we got a nice tee from the Red Dirt Running Co for participating in the group run! Perk! I made my way back to the pacer table and people were chatting it up! I had a good time chatting with runners and making some conversation with the fellow pacers.

Around 10:45am, I decided to squeeze through wander through the expo. There were a lot of great vendors to chat with and shop. I didn’t buy anything, but it didn’t stop me from chatting 🙂 Even our local Manhattan Running Co was at the expo! Friendly, familiar face for sure 🙂

Once I was tired of squeezing through the crowds, I picked up Melinda and I’s pacer materials and hit he road. Where to go…?

Since I missed the Oiselle meet up due to the expo and shakeout run, I stopped by The Hub- the meeting place for the Oiselle ladies. I knew no one would probably still be there, but I wanted to just relax for a little while, and stay out of the rain.

I decided to have brunch while hanging out and ordered the Spinach, Mushroom, Onion Quiche with a salad…amazing! I am a sucker for anything with eggs and the quiche did not disappoint! The salad was awesome too! The sweet, cold and tangy salad was a great complement to the warm eggs 🙂 Made my tummy happy for sure! After brunch, I opted for a cold brew coffee to sip while I hung out. Another winner! The waitress insisted that I stay as long as I like, but I peaced out after 3 hours 😉 There wasn’t a surge of guests coming in at anytime…and I gave her a nice tip for my time squatting at her table 🙂 That…and my phone was about to die!

Since I still had time before I could check into my hotel, I decided to drive the half marathon route for Sunday – and I am sure glad I did!

After my first loop, I started again to figure out how to get to the hotel. We are staying at the Comfort Suites about a 10 minute drive from the start area…close! I dropped off my bags and headed back to the Expo for a pacer meeting.

I showed up late due to having NO IDEA where the room was and not finding and volunteers on the main level…busy time of day for packet pickup! Eventually, I found a meetings room map on a hotel wall and headed downstairs! There was a good handful of pacers chatting and laughing. I slid right in and was next in introductions. I am not sure I have received quite so many “boos” from a crowd of “like-minded” individuals than when I said I was from Manhattan, KS – I guess that’s what I get for being in Husker Country 🙂 No hard feelings! Eladio went over info for the race and answered any questions asked. It was a packed 45 minutes for sure!

Once we were released, I headed to the Pastathon 🙂 Wow, I haven’t ever had a meal like this provided by a race he night before! The cost of the dinner is a part of the registration…and I was sure glad to have it!!

I talked with a family at dinner. The husband was running the 1/2 with a friend and the wife is thinking about training for a 1/2 in the future 🙂 We both have season and exercise induced asthma and I assured her that she would be able to overcome it and I would see her at the race next year 🙂 While going away to a race solo can be a little intimidating, I am glad that I am able to chat up new people 🙂 Since my new running pal Melinda was traveling, I decided to make her a plate to-go 🙂 Pasta ✔️ Meat sause ✔️Salad ✔️ Breadsticks ✔️

Once I got back to the hotel, I started going through my clothes so I would be ready to rock in the morning. Once I put everything together, I make another #flatLindsey


IMG_9830I decided that I wanted to add an extra “handle” to my pacing stick…so I GPSed Home Depot to get some electrical tape. It just so happens that they make electrical tape in several different colors – including purple! Since I got a lot of grief about being from Manhattan, KS at the pacer meeting, I thought it was the PERFECT color for me 🙂 

Now that my morning was prepped, I just sat back, read back over my pacing materials, and relaxed with a hot cup of decaf coffee 🙂

Mel was a lot later than she originally  anticipated, but we were able to hang out for a little bit and discuss the course, the pacer meeting, and life 🙂 I passed out eventually and woke up to my first alarm of the morning at 4am…


IMG_9836Usually I don’t sleep all that well before a race, but I pretty much exhausted myself the day before… Since all of my race day clothes and extras were laid out, I was able to “quickly” get ready. After getting dressed, I realized that I didn’t put vasoline anywhere…shoot. Take 2! Coffee ✔️ Pre-run wrap (banana, Nuttzo, low-carb tortilla) ✔️ I threw my post-run clothes in my check bag and we were headed downstairs to meet up with the other pacers.

The hotel was AMAZING and had some breakfast items set out for us (since I (and probably others) told them that we would be leaving around 5:30am) even though their breakfast usually starts at 6:30am. I grabbed another banana for before the race started and snacked on 1/2 a bagel.

We had a caravan of 5-6 cars of pacers driving to the race. We parked right off campus and walked to the start. While we still had a lot of time to spare, I should have jumped in a bathroom line! They lines soon became outrageous, even for 1-1.5 hours before start time! I opted to using the line of 20+ port-a-potties near the start line…not my brightest decision, but I was in and out with a lot of time to spare. In the “holding area” in the gym, I met several ladies that were going to run with me. The stories make my job as a pacer the most rewarding!

  • First 1/2 marathon
  • First 1/2 post baby
  • First 1/2 post injury
  • Never thought they would run a 1/2
  • Always told they wouldn’t finish
  • Told they were too old to start running
  • ……and the list goes on!

Around 7:15am, we headed out into the elements to stands in the corrals. After being out for a minute or two, we decided that we could have waited another 10-15 minutes before heading out…oh well. At least we had a little time to get used to the elements – light rain, cold wind, chilly temps, no sun, clouds. I could feel the caffeine coursing through my veins, and the crowd was eating up my energy 🙂

I was able to pick up a few more runners to start with our group and I assured everyone to resist the urge to start RUNNING out the gate and let my pacing strategy take them to the finish!

The start was great! As my first time pacing, I kept checking my watch…like a crazy person! I was a roller coaster the first couple miles…watching my Garmin like a hawk was just what I needed to keep my team at a good warm-up pace. I told everyone to stick with me for the first 3, and then they can decide to stick around or pick up the pace. I kept a pretty good crowd in the 2:40 group through mile 9…the hill “intimidated” most and while we already banked a little time on the downhill and I slowed the pace below the split, I lost most of my group once we topped the hill… I need to find a way to convince my runners to run through the hill and not stop at the top! Learning curve for this new pacer!

Once we got to mile 11/12, I started picking up some of the people that started out a little too fast and lost their energy the last couple miles. I pushed the couple of runners that stuck with me to push through to the finish and I would see them there! That was the happy tear kind of moment that I wanted to have…

  • a new mother, teacher, first 1/2 and didn’t think they could finish…she finished ahead of me and I got a hug and high five after!
  • a runner that started around my group, took off too early, lost her friend, the pace caught up to her and she was determined to finish with or before me 🙂
  • a runner that started with the group, took off before the first mile, but kept us in her sights throughout the race to finish ahead of the group 🙂 high fives and thank you all around!

Overall, I love as fried after the race…both physically and mentally! The weather was not great – if the rain held off, it would have been perfect running conditions! I haven’t ever talked so much or kept my head on a swivel throughout 13.1 miles! My shoulders will feel it for sure!

After the race, I stuck around the finishers area to watch Mel bring in her crowd! She had similar hugs, high fives, and happy tears! Wow, I have never felt that sort of joy after a race before! I am super excited to be able to pace more races this spring, summer, and fall!

Once I was able to get my check bag, find a bathroom, and attempted to change my clothes (with numb fingers – NOT and easy feat), Mel and I found out way to the finishers lunch area – BBQ sandwiches, pasta salad, chips, cookies, cake, the works! It felt good to sit down and relax for a bit… After lunch, we walked to the car, drove back to the hotel, quickly packed everything up, and left town! We met up with Eladio in the lobby and recapped the highs of the day 🙂 He has such a passion for his runners and pacers, I am glad I have the opportunity to work with his Smart Pacing team.

The drive home was no fun… I was tired… But a long phone call with my dad took up a good hour of my trip. Yes…a phone call FROM dad. If you know anything about my family, a phone call FROM dad means that mom is not doing well. I was right. Mom had been in the hospital since Friday… Anyone who has friends, family, or acquaintances with mental health issues, you know how difficult it can be. Please keep my family in your prayers!

Once I got back into town, I noticed the hubs new toy in the driveway and his old toy in the yard… Yep, the hubs upgraded his boat situation. Now he has the task of selling the old one to make up the new purchase 🙂

IMG_9847I settled into bed once I made my way in the house…I was then accompanied by all of the furry ones. When the hubs called to say he was on his way home, I told him not to mention that I was home to little man – momma could use a few zzzzzzs. Once we got off the phone, I realized that my car is parked right outside the house – I briefly thought “I should move my car down the street…” Nope, not moving. About that time, I heard the front door open and the hubs has little man in his arms. “He saw your car and I could not talk him out of seeing you.” Oh well, sleep can wait I guess… Little man was so excited to see me! That was a fun surprise! Most days, he would run right past me…but not today. He was excited to hug and kiss me and decided to lay on top of me 🙂 Sweet boy!

The hubs went back outside and we soon followed. The rest of the day/evening amounted to me relaxing on the couch, little man stacking cars and other toys on me, and the hubs getting us some pizza for dinner. I was pooped and I went to bed very soon after putting little man down for the night…

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12 thoughts on “travel + pacing | Weekend Wrap

  1. That is awesome you got to be a pacer! I’ve always been curious about that. I don’t think I would be very good though, I would have to look at my Garmin the whole time!


    1. Oh believe me, I checked my Garmin move during that race than I ever have in my life – combined! It was a great, new experience…and I will need to get used to how different paces feel and then I can stop watching my Garmin like a hawk…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. How cool to be a pacer! That must be so rewarding! I would love to do it one day, but first I need to work on actually having a consistent pace haha. Way to go, and good luck with the potty training!


  3. That is a great collection of giveaway items! I’ve been wanting to try pacing a race. I think it would be a rewarding experience. You did a great job with yours. The thing that worries me is having to carrying a sign. Did that stick bother you? Did you continually switch it back and forth between hands? I’m really curious about that. Thanks for linking with us Lindsey!


    1. I was also worried about the sign (since I didn’t get the chance to train with one)… But it was super lightweight and the only time it was weird was when the wind picked up real good…then I had to keep from whacking anyone around me!


  4. Sounds like another great organized run, how neat to be a pacer! Thanks for sharing at What’d You Do This Weekend?!


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