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market + fireworks | Weekend Happenings

A lazy weekend at home. There is always something to do in town!


Without a morning run planned, I headed out to work for the last day before the weekend! Happy Friday!

We had a mingling event with the Marketing Department planned for lunch – the Great American Cook Out. Everyone brought sides and they provided the hot dogs : ) It was fun sitting around and chatting with people that we don’t get as much exposure to on a day-to-day basis!

I was able to get off work a little early…and I went home and took a nap. Ha! I was pooped!

Little man and I didn’t really have any plans for the evening, so we came home and relaxed for a while. Between me heading out to pick up little man and returning home, a package arrived at out door! I won a Luvo Meals giveaway during a Twitter chat last week and my swag has arrived!!

I will not have to worry TOO much about what to eat on the fly for a little while. Thanks Luvo!! (a review to come soon!!)

After dinner, little man and I headed out for our last jaunt for the month! My “off” or “rest days” have been going for a walk with little man in the evening. Today, we went for an eventful 2 mile walk…

Most of our walks are only a mile, but it was so nice outside, that I asked if he wanted to go longer. “Um, YES!” was his response…so we went for an additional mile. Maybe this was too much too soon…but he was ready to roll! Once we got past the 1 mile mark, the complaining started…and the crying, and the “I can’t walk…” stuff… So the next half mile was a mix between me pushing him on the trike, me holding him and pulling the trike, him wanting to walk, tears, tears, tears, and eventually he just SNAPPED OUT OF IT and was fine riding his trike the last 1/2 mile home. 

I’m back to a 30 day streaker! Let’s see how long this lasts…


Like most weekends, today started with a run!! Since this week is a “cycle down” week, I only have 10/8 for the weekend runs…so 10 today and 8 tomorrow!

Since I left later than I wanted (doesn’t that ALWAYS happen?!), I wasn’t able to get out to JC to volunteer to put together the Bountiful Baskets. So I stayed around the house a little bit before getting little man up to head out. There was quite a line at the basket pick-up, so we waited around, played in the rocks and sand (him…not me), and eventually got our basket.

Fresh peaches, yes, please!

We headed back into town and hit up our local farmers market. There is always a lot to see!

The highlight of today’s market was the GIANT bubbles!! I stood around for nearly 20 minutes watching little man and various little kids play with all the bubbles – what joy! He was not happy when we needed to leave…but the bubble lady heard me and stopped blowing bubbles for a couple minutes so there would be less tears : )

We went home, settled in with some lunch, and then a nap : ) And some green smoothies…


Before long, we were planning our afternoon. We had a party to go to outside of Wamego around 5 pm, but there is a carnival IN Wamego this weekend. So we headed out a little early to see the Carnival!

Too bad I didn’t read the hours of the Carnival before we left town… 6 pm – 10 pm. Well, that didn’t go as planned. So we just hung around the park for an hour or so…

We made it to the party on time! Everyone was outside playing, grilling, cooking, and running around. Little man made his way to the cars : ) Before too long, the “mud bugs” were in the pot and it was time to eat! We hung around, chatted with everyone, and eventually lit off some fireworks! A fun evening to remember!

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While I had every intention to get up and get my run in early, I hit the snooze button many, many times…and slept until 7 am. I knew that the hubs wanted to get into work “early” so he could watch the Royals game…so I decided that if I was going to get in ALL the miles I needed, I was going to have to take little man with me.

After a little prep-work with toys, snacks, and drinks, we were on our way!

Nothing is easy about pushing a clunky stroller with a 40+ pound toddler…so that “easy run” wasn’t as easy as it probably should have been…


We made up some lunch, headed down for some naps,…and went on about our day!

I let Paisley out at some point…and when I checked on her, I totally thought she was dead…

Nope…came right away when I called her…but I haven’t ever seen her lay in the grass like this.

Once little man was up and around, I got the urge to meal prep a little bit… I haven’t meal prepped in  quite a while!

I roasted some sweet potatoes and carrots, made up a box of garlic quinoa rice, bagged up portions of grapes, chopped and divided up some lettuce, and took a tally of the fruit in the baskets. With the exception of prepping my morning smoothies, I think I am ready for the week!


After we ate some dinner, little man and I headed out to Sunday Funday at LABCO (Little Apple Brewing Company). One of the hubs pals is the brewer and they are releasing two limited edition brews – ‘Mango’ Pale and ‘Pineapple Passion Fruit’ Wheat. I tried the Pineapple Passion fruit and it was good!


After a while, we got something to eat and the guys filtered into the “yard” to play games. There was a big trough of water…no one is completely sure why it is there, but little man made it into a swimming pool… Needless to say, I had a wet toddler riding home.


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How was your weekend? Have any exciting adventures? 

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  1. I’ve never heard of Luvo meals. I look forward to your review. That photo of your dog made me laugh not in a bad way but it does look like he is dead. She loves resting on the grass.


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