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Did you see it? My 50-mile recap was posted last week! Eekk! Check it out : )

Well, my workout streak is over…I have found that I am just too exhausted mixing both the livingroom DVD workouts AND running each day. So, I have compromised! On days I am not running, I do a DVD workout. Simple enough… 

Weekly Workouts

Monday- While I got up with an alarm, it was far from my first alarm for the morning. I didn’t get out the door until it was almost too late, but I was able to get it done!

I planned my interval run on a hilly route on my RunGo App the night before,…but mid-route, I decided to mix up my hills a little differently than I planned. I stopped the app and just went on my way the rest of the run! 

Morning Run : 6 miles (intervals)
Evening Workout

Tuesday- The alarm won the morning…not good! Oh well. I was awake-ish for a little while but I just didn’t feel like getting out of bed. Once I was out of bed and planning my morning workout, I was distracted by some other things around the house and then an awake little boy…and then it was too late in the morning to sweat it out before work.

Evening Workout : Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Wednesday- Holy smokes, the cool it here!! The windows are open, the breeze is cold, and the temps are in the 50s to start the day! Yessss! Now…if only it will last…

Went for a backwards BS loop with Angie (5.5 miles), then 2 QUICK miles with Paisley, and 0.5 mile cool down – oh yea!

Morning Run : 8 miles

Thursday- While I am getting restful sleep, I am not motivated to get up on days that I don’t have a run on the schedule… I was able to get up in enough time to do some of my Insanity Cardio Recovery workout! Small win…

Morning Workout : Insanity Cardio Recovery

Friday- A production start to my day…a large load of dishes hand-washed and 2 loads of laundry cycled through… Yeah, no run. Oh well! I went out for a lunch run! I reflected on more recent stories of women approached/attacked on their runs…and am trying to keep myself sharp while I am out on my runs…

Lunch Run : 4 warm miles

Saturday- Another group run! 

I downloaded the run from the app that the group leader uses to a “GPX” format – then uploaded it to on my computer. 


It took a couple minutes, but it soon spit out the same route! I couldn’t believe how easy it was since it usually takes me a little time to reconfigure my run with the route provided. Exciting! If you haven’t tried the RunGo App yet, you should give it a try!

Morning Run : 6 quick, feel good miles

Sunday- Since I didn’t get my full long run yesterday, I decided to try again today (or at least make up the difference in miles).

I set out with little man in tow with the intention to drop him back at home after about an hour and finish up my miles solo. In my solo miles, my legs started feeling funny…like they were going numb or something… So I decided to let my watch *beep* the next mile (only like 0.05 to go) and then turn around and walk home. Odd feeling…but after about a mile, my legs felt better and I ran the last mile…

Afternoon Run : 4 easy w/stroller + 2 out + 1 walking + 1 home

Weekly Miles : 32 miles

1806 / 2,016 miles in 2016

Medal earned

Next Week’s Projected Workouts

This coming week is going to be a little more interesting. We are leaving for Colorado on Thursday for a beer-filled weekend of fun with the hubs. I don’t plan on taking my DVD workouts on the trip…and I would LOVE to be able to do a little running : ) This trip is not for me…so I will try and get in my runs outside of the other events happening.

Monday- 4-5 mile easy run 
Tuesday- interval run
cross training
cross training
4 mile easy run
– 10-12 mile long run

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I’ll see you on course! I’ll be sporting the BibRave ORANGE! 

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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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