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Orange Mud Gear Pack | review + discount

Disclaimer: I received Orange Mud Gear Vest to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

29791802_1010856165736085_4096415222808444928_n1Have you ever been so fed up with the pitfalls of your hydration pack that you decided to make your own?

While I have been unhappy with various models of running gear, I haven’t ever taken my frustrations out on my pack…

Josh Sprague, CEO of Orange Mud, did just that.

He broke down his hydration pack and Frankenstein’d together a new pack with a gun holster, waist pack, and ratchet tie-down straps and made a prototype of what is now the well-known OM HydraQuiver.

Orange Mud

From concept to production, Orange Mud is making quality gear for the masses. Runners to cyclists and ultramarathoners to triathletes, Orange Mud gear is quality tested by athletes from every walk of life. 

When I was given the opportunity to test an Orange Mud pack, I jumped at the chance! I met Josh at a local ultra race last fall and hearing his passion for the brand that he built would make me want to try every piece of gear they make! 

Orange Mud Gear Vest

The Orange Mud Gear Vest is a small, yet mighty pack that is great for walking, running, hiking, biking, and much more! The 2L pack holds a 1L bladder on the back and 2L total cargo storage.


The OM Gear Vest has both an adjustable, elastic set of front sternum straps (with an emergency whistle) and solid, adjustable side straps for a secure fit. The first run I went on, the fit of the Gear Vest wasn’t quite right – the pockets on the front were too far forward and the vest started rubbing my shoulders. Once I realized that I needed to set the pack a little wider on my chest, there was no more rubbing and no movement!


With several front and shoulder pockets, you are bound to find a place for all of your necessities. The two large front pockets are intended for plus-sized phones or a 600-ml soft flask. Having extra areas for hydration (other than just the 1L on the back) is great for longer workouts. The small front pockets are intended as trash pockets, but I also found that my small snack bars and Run Gum fit nicely in them. The top shoulder pockets are designed for nutrition (gels fit perfectly) – but this is where I typically have stored my trash… Out of sight, out of mind!


I have found that when I pack the OM Gear Vest with lots of stuff (phone, snacks, 1L bladder, sunscreen, soft flask, etc.), I need to loosen up the side straps a little. Also, in the colder weather when I am wearing more layers, the adjustable straps work great for a solid fit without movement.


While I am mostly a runner, I have a bike that gets the dust knocked off of it from time to time. The hubs and I had a date day this past week – riding bikes around town! I packed up my Orange Mud Gear Vest and we headed out. I was able to easily access my hydration when needed and all of my extras were safely stored away. 


The biggest test my Orange Mud Gear Vest went through was the Garmin Marathon last weekend! I paced the 5:30 finishers through the wet and rainy 26.2 mile race. That’s one way to test out a new-ish hydration pack! I was able to stay hydrated (using both aid stations and the 1L bladder), keep my gels, Run Gum, wet gloves, and phone safe and sound with no chafing! Yep, NO CHAFING! 



I have been very pleased with the Orange Mud Gear Vest! While I was hesitant about the higher location of the bladder on my back, I am happy to report that it didn’t take much to get used to. The one thing that I am a little worried about is the summer heat and whether I will have enough fluid to last… Good thing most of the loops I run have at least one gas station near by – so I will have options if I run low. 

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Get your own Orange Mud gear for 15% off with the discount code BRGV15 and check out Orange Mud on their social handles for tons of inspiration, fun promotions, and to get the scoop on new products : Twitter · Facebook · YouTube · Instagram · Pinterest · Google+


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11 thoughts on “Orange Mud Gear Pack | review + discount

  1. Great review! This looks like a great hydration pack! I have an OM but it’s been through the ringer, I’m definitely due for an upgrade and I’ll have to give this one a look!

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