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April Runfessions | Friday Five

Well, it is about that time again – Monthly Runfessions!! How is it already the end of April?! Oh well…it just means that my spring race calendar has been cut in half and sweaty summer running is soon approaching!

Like every month ends – the last Friday, we chat with Marcia and check out everyone’s runfessions for the month!! I am also keeping it to a fast five…so we can check out the Friday Five 2.0 gang as well!


I runfess… Last weekend’s marathon was harder than I think it should have been.

I know that the marathon distance (or ANY distance for that matter) should be “easy”…but as a pacer, I was running a pace that is typically “easy” for me. It might have been the conditions, the additional stress of watching my pace and splits, extra energy giving encouragement to other runners, or a handful of other things… I was pooped after the race and for the following few days!

…but somehow I was able to get some air at the finish line…ha!

…but I runfess… I really enjoy pacing! I totally do! But I am not sure that I want to pace another marathon distance event… I might just stick to the half marathon distance for pacing. We’ll see what happens.

The good thing is, my hubs took a great picture of me at the finish line (when he saw some of the shots I was taking) and it earned me an entry into next year’s race!

Finished the Garmin Marathon with some bling!

I runfess… I am nervous about starting my next BIG training cycle…

running-friends-memeAs many (all,…duh) of you know, I am starting my Hawk 100m training cycle. While I have been ready to start for MONTHS, now that the time has come, I am more hesitant to get going. I think that the residual tiredness from the marathon last weekend is stuck in my head and making my brain (and body) a little crazy…

I know this is going to be a tough training cycle – I am prepared for the challenge and all of the lessons that will come with such an undertaking.

I am getting my head right…and my body will follow. Soon… Hopefully.

I runfess… My 100 miler is all I have on my mind these days. Obvi…

Once my training REALLY gets started, I am sure there will be more complaining about the miles, the heat, the hydration, the massive amount of food and eating…everything.

So for now…I will stop dwelling on my lack of running this week or at least until this point in the week – which is Friday…so it is pretty much over…and focus on the fact that I will be putting in some major work over the next 20 weeks!

I runfess… Gotta run…bye!

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What are your Runfessions for this month?

Are you prepared for the summer heat?

Check out the other links with Marcia and see who is spilling their Runfessions for this month… I am also linking up with the Friday Five 2.0!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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6 thoughts on “April Runfessions | Friday Five

  1. I can totally see where pacing would be super stressful. So much to think about! Mad props to you for getting air at the finish line. Very cool pic! All the best with your 100 mile training but just relax and enjoy this week off.


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