Weekly Wrap Up & Happenings

birthday boy | Weekend Happenings

This past week It cracks me up when I can go from one week just posting my Weekly Workouts and Weekend Happenings to the next week posting almost every day… Some weeks are just better set for blogging I guess!  This week I posted my Weekly Workouts (training for my next marathon as a pacer… Continue reading birthday boy | Weekend Happenings

Weekly Wrap Up & Happenings

BB + party | Weekend Happenings

Friday I ended up sleeping in Friday morning…then working all day, went for a lunch run…and then had a fun evening! View this post on Instagram Wow! An absolutely beautiful fall day for a runch! 🍂🍂 • So nice…that I could have worn the shorts that are still in my running bag! Yeah! Super nice…the… Continue reading BB + party | Weekend Happenings

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fresh eats + meal prep + play time | Weekend Happenings

Well…I am just going to call this a relaxing weekend…

I have spent every weekend running and running…and running! This weekend is just going to be a lazy weekend 🙂 And somehow, I am okay with that.