Thinking Out Loud

running + reading + stuff | Thinking Out Loud

Wow, Thursday. We meet again… It’s been a while since I have thought out loud with Amanda and her Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s 🙂 Today is as good as ever! But first… Let’s go for a run 🙂 Basically. My life. With the addition of the BibRave book club, I have been reading more books on and… Continue reading running + reading + stuff | Thinking Out Loud

2015 Goals/Resolutions

2015 Goals/Resolutions Update

Hello everyone! This past year 2015 was a great year for my family! I started this “blog” so I will be more accountable to my goals and resolutions for this past year, and I fell short of posting more frequently. I hope that through my new health and fitness adventures, I can keep this blog more updated week to week!… Continue reading 2015 Goals/Resolutions Update