Weekly Workout

winter 26.2 training w11 | Weekly Workouts

The week started with “sickness”, no little man, and some cold temps and snow… As the week went on, the normal schedule started back up and the weather warmed up!

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Weekly Workouts

Monday- Since I am not allowed to go to work, I planned on going for a long run…but the weather was too windy and too cold. I could have gone to the gym, but I just lazied around the house all day…but Pai and I got a quick, rabbit chasing mile after dark!

Tuesday- While I wanted to run some amazing miles outside, but the weather just wasn’t going to make it very enjoyable…so I went to the gym for a few hours 🙂 Nothing like some Netflix and easy miles to make the long, do nothing day go by a little faster! I kept my dirty gym clothes fresh with SmellWell packs in my bag and shoes – check them out!

Wednesday- Another day, another run! I headed to the gym this morning because I had an easy paced run on the schedule and it was a little chilly outside…it was even snowing again on my way to work!

Thursday- My snooze button was used in excess this morning…and since I knew that I wanted to run over my lunch break, I was okay with just not running in the morning. After a busy morning, I was able to break away for a nice trail run in the 60s 🙂 Oh yes, I love the warm weather – I need 60s all day, every day, all year – then I would be happy!!

Friday- With a start in the mid-50s, there was NO WAY I wasn’t taking advantage of the day! I started with a few “quick step” miles (wanting a decent cadence), 5+ miles with Angie, and then finished with a couple to make 10 total 🙂 Friday is the first day of my weekend, even though I still have to work…and a great start indeed! 

Saturday- A late start, a mile short…meet up late, try to catch up. I was able to run the second loop of the group run with the remaining gang and finish the day with 16.5-ish miles 🙂 

Sunday- While there isn’t a run on my schedule, the weather isn’t going to allow me to NOT run… My alarms were snoozed enough times that I didn’t want to run local…so I headed out to the Konza! A quick change and short drive later, I chimbed those hills with the sun and started my Sunday with 10.5 miles. While I wanted to run all three loops, just the two worked well for the time I had. 

Weekly Miles : 64 miles

593 / 2,017 miles in 2017

Next Week’s Projected Workouts

The weather is starting to be consistently nice…which means I will be outside most of the time ❤️ Next weekend is my first half marathon of the spring…and with 18.5 marathon training miles on that day, I will be getting a little extra warm-up! 

Have you picked your races this year?? You should come to KC this spring or fall, or both!! Come run Hospital Hill in June and the Kansas City Marathon in October!! Let me know if I’ll see you out on the road this spring 🙂

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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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14 thoughts on “winter 26.2 training w11 | Weekly Workouts

  1. This weather has been crazy! One day it is freezing so we have to take our runs inside on the treadmill and the next it is too hot outside, we wish it was cooler. Us runners can never find the perfect condition. I would take heat over cold and wind any day!


  2. We had our biggest snow storm of winter on Tuesday, 30 cm. I got to stay home and shovel! Looks like you had a great week running! Looking forward to warmer temperatures!


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