Ultimate Coffee Date

Ultimate Coffee Date | January 2016

What?! How is it already the new year?! Time sure is flying…and since I have been trying to blog more (or at all) for the past couple months…and it really makes me realize how fast the time is flying!

Well, since it is the firstΒ Saturday of the month of January, we are meeting up with Coco, Deb, and Lynda for an Ultimate Coffee Date πŸ™‚


Since I have been drinking a lot less coffee over the past few weeks (or no coffee for the most part), I would be sipping on some Nuun electrolyte water…you betcha!

If we were chatting over drinks, I would tell you…

I am getting nervous about training for a marathon through the winter months. While we have had a relatively mild “fall/winter” so far, we are now expecting some snow this weekend… My training for the Garmin Marathon starts Sunday, yep…in the snow, most likely. I feel like I need to find some shoe covers so I don’t have snow/wet shoes for miles… Suggestions?


If we were chatting over drinks, I would ask you…

How do you deal with “Santa” when traveling for the holidays? With a little guy in tow, we would love to be able to spend time with the family over the holidays….but can Santa find us at grandma/pa’s? We are not quite the age to NEED to navigate this concept – but next year will be a new experience.

Scan 1

If we were chatting over drinks, I would mention…

We are going to get snow this weekend!! (if I believe the forecast…) The dog and little man have LOVED the snow the past couple years and I cannot wait to see how it goes this year!

If we were chatting over drinks, I would tell you…

I have been completing in the #RunChat scavenger hunt and I finished!



If we were chatting over drinks, I mention, again…

I signed up to run, walk, jog, etc. 2016 miles in 2016! I am excited to get started and see how it goes month to month πŸ™‚ Will you join me? Check out the info here!



What would you talk about over drinks?

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, a great week, and a Happy New Year!!

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12 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date | January 2016

  1. I was thinking of joining the 2016 challenge. Have not decided yet. I just purchased new winter running gear, so I am ready to get back out in the cold and start up the running. I enjoy adding Nuun to my waters also. Thanks for coffee today. Happy New Year πŸ™‚


  2. I love what you did with your RunChatHunt entries! On Santa, I remember my mother-in-law wondering when Santa will “die” so we could go on vacations. I’m pretty sure Santa can find kids wherever they are, though!


  3. That scavenger hunt is a great idea. How fun ! When my kids were young I made sure they had presents from santa AND mom and dad. When we were young we only got presents from santa and I just didn’t get it…. which is why where ever we celebrated Xmas, Santa followed !


  4. The scavenger hunt is always fun for the little ones. We used to being our presents along when the kids were younger. Wow giving up coffee would be so hard!! Thanks for joining us for the coffee date great to have you!


  5. Yay for Nuun! I’ve heard lots of awesome things about it! :]

    2016 miles is an awesome goal! Best of luck to you! I don’t typically run since I’m much more of a fan of weights, jiu jitsu + dance, but best of luck to ya! ❀


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