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sweatpant saturday + coffee | Weekend Wrap

This weekend was a busy, lazy one for sure!

Busy…because I have an active little boy.

Lazy, because we didn’t get out and about…just relaxed at home!

This is more of a #hashtag edition of the Weekly Wrap and Weekend Happenings! My Weekly Workout wrap up can be found here. This is mostly just the weekend happenings!


#saturdaymorninggrouprun #supercold #snowing

#postruncoffee #littleman   

#snacktime #movienumberone #sweatpantsaturday

#bookreading #iwishihadaudio

#moremilk #please

#lunchtime #sharingiscaring




#wantedtositonthepotty #cartime

#timetoorganize #pottyparty 

#movienumber2 #beggerdog

#bakingtime #littlehelper #littletastetester

#meanwhileinthegarage #husbandthecoonhunter #readytobetanned

#doublebatchofbananachocolateoatmealbars  #yummy  

#readingtomomo #murtleythetortoise

I hope everyone had a great, relaxing weekend! There were several loads of laundry, meal prep, several loads of dishes, a broken humidifier, stuffy noses, and lots of cuddles that were not so thoroughly documented – a great weekend in the books!

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How did your weekend adventures go?

Did you have a sweat-pant Saturday?

Have you started training for any 2016 races?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and start a conversation!

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6 thoughts on “sweatpant saturday + coffee | Weekend Wrap

  1. Your little fellow is so cute! We had two tiny slider turtles when my boys were little. They grew up to be very big turtles! I am hoping for an amazing sweatpants Saturday this weekend! I haven’t planned any races for 2016. I was waiting to get this marathon in the books and see how my body reacted. My calendar is excitingly empty and the year is full of possibilities. Thanks for linking with us!


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