Meal Prep

fresh start | Meal Prep

Most of this weeks meal prep happened on Sunday – we spent the Saturday traveling to a baby shower, a St. Pat’s Day parade, and just plain on the go!


Meal/Snack Prep 

Venison Pie | venison + onions + bisquick mix + cheese

Eggs | hard boiled

Quinoa | cooked and divided

Roasted Sweet Potatoes | sweet potatoes + EVOO + salt

Roasted Onions | yellow onions + EVOO

Zoodles | zucchini + summer squash 

Spinach | spinach + water (pre-blended for smoothies during the week)

Additional Meal/Snack Prep

Fresh Fruit | apples + oranges + bananas + grapefruit

Chopped Vegetables | celery + carrots 

Greek Yogurt | divided 

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Meal/Snack Plan for the Week

Since I am starting back with the carb cycling, my meals and snacks are always going to include vegetables. This will help with keeping me full until my next meal/snack, eating roughly every 3 hours. My high carb meals/snack will contain a protein, carb, and 2 vegetable servings (usually). My low carb meals/snacks will contain a protein, fat, and 2 vegetable servings (usually). I am doing an “athletic performance” cycle this time around (versus the “turbo cycle” strickly for weight loss, as I did last year). This just means that I will have more “high carb” days than “low carb” days šŸ™‚


smoothie (protein powder + vegetable (usually spinach or kale) + fruit + water/ice)

eggs + vegetables + whole wheat tortilla

avocado + toast + vegetables


fresh vegetables + hummus + egg whites

chicken + roasted sweet potato + green beans

mixed greens salad + chicken + carrots + light dressing



turkey meatballs + roasted sweet potatoes + squash

venison pie + vegetables

mixed greens salad + chicken + carrots + light dressing


homemade granola bars + fresh vegetables + protein drink

fruit + yogurt + granola + cucumber

venison jerky + quinoa + yogurt + celery

plain popcorn + vetetables + protein

Have a great week everyone! Did you meal prep over the weekend? I am linking up with Laura @mommyrunfast for her weekly meal prep! I also found another great meal prep link up with Laura @organizingjunkie!

What is your favorite meal of the day?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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