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marathon training w11

Well, this week was still about the same…I lagged to finish the #10for10 push due to the sore foot and blisters – darn blisters! I need to get one of those foot baths and start soaking my feet nightly…maybe the extra pampering would help keep the blisters at bay! Oh well. My training is still going well without tunes…there were several mornings that I would just reflect on my route, things I was seeing and hearing, thinking about my family, and making notes as to upcoming plans… Mid week, I didn’t get in workouts to help my sore foot feel less sore and to let the blisters heal a bit – need to take care of my machine from time to time – and rest is the best healing method!


Workout Recap

Marathon Training – Week 11

Sunday- recovery run long, easy paced run

Due to the #10for10, my “recovery run” day is actually my “long run” day this weekend. I didn’t get much of a run with little man in Saturday, so I accounted Sunday’s run to my 150 minute long run for the week (a day late but worth it!).


Monday- interval run + 3 miles easy pace

Day 8 of the #10for10 – my interval run was followed up with 3 easy paced miles. It was a difficult finish due to a blister starting on one foot and a recurring blister on the other…


Tuesday- no workout today

Took it easy to help my feet feel a little better. Several small blisters on the left foot – 1 HUGE blister and a sore right foot… I have new shoes now, so I am hoping that helps with the foot! The blisters may prevail until the shoes are worn in a little…

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Wednesday- no workout today – Again, a good day to relax…and do a little healing.

Thursday- easy paced run – 4.7 miles

Yaaassss! I was able to get out for a lunch run today! I had been holding out on getting out and getting active due to my blisters and sore foot. Well, my foot felt great and I have found a couple things to help with the blisters in the hope that they don’t get worse… 



Friday- no run today

While I started the day with FULL intention of running, I just did other things…I even made my mind up what I was going to go to the gym Saturday morning for my long run – yes, on the treadmill. With the high probability of rain in the forecast, I just didn’t want to risk my motivation to get out! 

Saturday- long run – 8.12 miles (the last 3.12 miles for the #PiDay5K virtual run)

Started my weekend off right, with a nice long run!…and not at the gym as planned before. Come to find out, they are only 24-hour Monday-Thursday. I’m just at god I figured that out before trying to go at 4am and not being open!


Weekly Miles: 36 miles

443 / 2,016 miles in 2016

This Week’s Projected Workouts

Marathon Training – Week 12


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How did your training week go?
Did you use the treadmill much this week? (I am more the outdoorsy type…)
What are you training for? (my 1st marathon is in 5 weeks! yikes!)

Are you running 2,016 miles in 2016? Join me for the fun and challenge!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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10 thoughts on “marathon training w11

  1. Ouch! That’s a lot of blisters! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a blister from running…guess I should knock on wood! Hope the new shoes help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Funny…my next older shows have been my saving grace so far! I need to use he newest shoes on shorter runs to get them worked in and save my longer runs for the shoes that are a little more worn in… I also bought some Moleskin to help with the running 🙂


  2. That’s impressive mileage this week. I’ve had horrific blisters in the past but haven’t had a single one since using Trail Toes (recommended by a ultra runner). I coat the entire bottom, side, and toes of each foot. Best stuff ever. It might be worth a try. Thanks for linking with us Lindsey.


  3. You know I never run on the treadmill much at all! Number one I don’t have one and have to go to the gym. Well last Friday as I was trying to get out of town, it was raining cats and dogs and had been since the night. I had to keep my run streak alive so I swung by the gym and did my one mile there! I was so glad to have it done! Thanks for linking up with us!


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