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driving + parade | Weekend Wrap

It is now Monday morning…and an early Monday morning at that! Darn you daylight savings! Oh well – we had a fun filled weekend with parties, parades, and outdoor time 🙂

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The one “fun” thing about living in Manhattan is the spring and summer tall grass prairie controlled burning. To keep the ecosystem in check, there are controlled burning of the native grass areas all over the area, most importantly in the Flint Hills and Konza Prairie! While this is just a small park area, there is a decent sized prairie reserve in the park. A little burning is fun to watch…from a distance. There were a lot of people walking right up to the site…some with their dogs or kids in tow! No thank you…I’ll keep my distance…


Starting off the weekend with a nice run! While I thought about going to the gym due to the high rain chances, the gym hours threw my plan outside (what gym is 24-hours M-F and has “regular” hours on the weekend, dumb!). While it was drizzling the entire time, at least I was a able to get out early enough to miss the rain.

After showering, the little man and I packed up some snacks and hit the road! A coworker of mine had a baby shower in Hiawatha – a bit of a drive, but worth the thinking time. The little man and I “talked” about the things we saw out the window.

Once at the party, little man was the only “man” at the shower 🙂 He worked the crowd hard with high fives, hand shakes, and sly smiles. He will surely be a hear breaker someday 🙂

After the party, we headed back home! I was hoping that little man would take a “decent” nap on the way back…I am not sure that it was even 30 minutes, but at least he got a little shut eye!

Once back in town, we headed straight to Aggieville for the St. Patrick’s Day parade! We parked and started walking… I decided to make a pit stop at Starbucks for a diaper change, a snack, and coffee for mom (long driving and a toddler do not mix without caffeine) 🙂

We walked to the parade (a little late, but made it!) and tried to find a spot to stand so the little man could see the parade. I could care less about seeing the parade as much as I would rather see his excitement for all of the passer-bys. He said “HI!!!” to every float and car to drive by and got SUPER excited for the motorcycles and classic cars 🙂

After the parade, we stopped by a new cookie shop and got a free cookie. Then we headed home! The weather was really nice, not sunny, but warm. We went outside and played in the yard for a while 🙂

Then we came inside for a little coloring fun and movie time 🙂

While the little man was occupied, I started going through the mail and packages that arrived while we were out (yay!!)! I received my first Influencer #GlamVoxBox, a jar of NuttZo (#nuttzolove), my Momentum #sharetheSPARK bracelets, and my first LoveWithFood snack box!


****I will follow up with posts on the Influencer #GlamVoxBox and LoveWithFood box later 🙂

I plan to #sharetheSPARK sometime soon! I have a couple of ladies in my life (my virtual running life) that have made a positive impact on my running and fitness goals! I am excited to send them a little token of my appreciation and hope that it inspires them to #sharetheSPARK with more people in their lives! Do you want to #sharetheSPARK with someone who motivates and inspires you? You can go to the Momentum Jewelry website and use this 15% off coupon with the code “FFspark15(valid until 5.31.16). Be the SPARK!!


Snack time for little man (apples + peanut butter) and snack for mom (decaf coffee + chocolate protein powder)

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I started my day pretty early – but I didn’t realize how early (darn daylight savings!). I didn’t get up with any intention of running in the morning but I had thought about doing a DVD workout – that didn’t happen. Instead, I caught up on some blogging, dishes, and started some meal prepping : hard boiling eggs, roasting onions, potatoes, and radishes, and thinking about my meal/snack plans for the week.

About the same time that the hubs left, the little man was ready to get around as well. I started a new coloring page for the little man while I made him up some eggs, avocado, toast, and milk for breakfast. I had some egg whites, tomatoes, and avocado 🙂

Much of the morning was spent prepping for the week and listening to the little man playing and talking.

The hubs got home around “lunchtime” and made a rice, chicken, and cheese meal. The little man ate a LOT of it…It seemed like he was either 1) REALLY hungry, or 2) he REALLY liked it and couldn’t stop eating (my problem with eating good tasting things, then overeating…). Either way, a growing little man has got to eat… 🙂

After lunch, I forgot about the time change…and it was “time” for a nap – but really we were about an hour off from nap time. Shoot…whoever came up with daylight savings didn’t have kids – for sure!

After naps and some blogging, little man and I sat down with the tablet and watched something new (new being something other than the cycle of 6 movies we always watch). The hubs went to the store and such while we were napping and I ended up taking the little man to the store later as well. We rode in the “bus” at the store this time 🙂

Once we got home, the hubs was making dinner and little man and I played in the yard. I had a brief though to take him for a run while the hubs was making dinner…but decided against it. Time better spent just relaxing with the whole family 🙂

Dinnertime was a mess…little man just didn’t want to eat anything…anything. Oh well. The hubs started a movie and we all just relaxed a bit.

Another weekend in the books!

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How did you weekend go?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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5 thoughts on “driving + parade | Weekend Wrap

    1. I need to find another book!…he got this one for his birthday and he wants to change the page all the time 🙂 I need to make a rolling page thing…with a big roll of butcher paper or the like!


  1. Boy, you did have a good mail day!! What a great box of stuff. I saw that on Influencer, too! I look forward to the post about it too! I always admire how you have the energy to keep up with your workouts and your little man! Oh to be young and full of energy again! 🙂 Thanks for linking up!


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