March Runfessions

Well, it is about that time again – Runfessions!! Like every month ends – how are we already at the end of March!! Let’s link up with Marcia and check out the other Runfessions for this month…


I runfess…

I need to get some new shoes worn in…ASAP! I have 2 new pairs of shoes, but they are not yet friends with my feet! And my go-to shoes are getting high in their mileage… I seem to have to wear my new shoes as “everyday” shoes for a couple weeks before I can start wearing them exclusively for running. Anyone else have this issue?

I runfess…

I have lost some of my running mojo since Daylight Savings time. Not sure if it is JUST the time change, but I CANNOT get myself out of bed in the morning! I would LOVE to be able to get my running completed in the morning and not have to think about it the rest of the day…but that has been difficult the past few weeks…

I runfess…

My blisters have all but subsided, whoop! A little less running last week (who am I kidding, a LOT LESS running) helped keep my feet in better shape. My sore foot isn’t as sore on the regular, but is still tight in the morning.

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I runfess…

I wish I was RICH!! Well, sort of… I won a “sweepstakes” that gifted me with a Rock and Roll Marathon Series Tour Pass and I want to run ALL of the races!! Running wise, this is AMAZING! Wallet wise, we do not have the ability to complete such a feat. We were able to go out to Dallas last weekend and stay with a college friend – and that was GREAT! If I had the ability to stay with people at the various RnR locations, that would make the dream of running more RnR races more of a reality! **hint hint – can I stay with you!?!** I think that St. Louis (staying with a friend or friend’s family) and Chicago (any takers??) are on the short list for races that I will be able to run! There are SO MANY MORE (like…all of them) that I would love to be able to travel to…

Rock 'N' Roll Marathon Series

I runfess…

My first full marathon is next month!! I THINK that I will be ready…I just need to take my training one run at a time… EEEEEEEE!


I runfess blogfess…

I have been super lazy about blogging this past week… Nothing like a 8+ hour drive (twice) to make you not want to think about the past weekend! We had a great time in Dallas and I hope to have my post up soon (since another weekend is upon us!).

What are your Runfessions for this month? How do you get out of a running funk? Are you running any RnR races this year?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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2 thoughts on “March Runfessions

    1. It has been more miserable for my wake up and nap schedule than for the little guy…and it FEELS like he is going to be so much later than I think he should be, but it is still daylight! Bah…


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