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now what… | weekly workouts

Now that my training cycle is through…I am left with less enthusiasm to run every day and I am just in the “in between” time,… I think my excitement to get out and run has changed a little since it has rained almost every day since my marathon last weekend…


Workout Recap

Sunday- 2.01 mile run

This was a run that I could have REALLY gone without… I think a short walk was more on the agenda, but I decided to run and then not stop. It was a painful one…for sure!

Monday- no workout – much needed rest

Tuesday- no workout – much needed rest

Wednesday- 3.15 miles

Yes! I was able to get out for a “quick, lunch run” and it felt great! The weather was great! The road felt great! It is days like this that make me feel like running for a while…….a long while……. 🙂


Thursday- 2.15 mile, evening walk with little man

Due to a busy day at work, I decided to get in a couple miles with little man in tow 🙂 Then we played in the yard a little longer…


IMG_9391Friday- 6.05 mile morning run

After a week of sleeping in and skipping a morning run, I needed it to happen today! Actually…I really did! I wish that I would have gotten out and got a couple more miles, but I am happy with the events overall! I plan to donate blood today and I should not be running the rest of the day… I wish that I would have got out a little earlier for a couple more miles, because this possibly is my “long run” for the week due to my blood donation… Oh well. 

Saturday- no workout – with donating blood in Friday, I played it safe and just spent the day relaxing 

Weekly Miles : 13.45 miles (not winning ANY awards this week!!)

621.3 / 2,016 miles in 2016

This Week’s Projected Workouts

Well, I plan on keeping up my fitness with various running and cross training routines throughout the week (i.e. easy running Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday, cross training Monday/Wednesday, long run on Saturday or Sunday) to keep up my fitness for pacing half marathons this spring! First on the docket – next weekend!

Lincoln Half Marathon – May 1st : c0-pacing 2:40


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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

Are you running 2,016 miles in 2016? Join me for the fun and challenge!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

12 thoughts on “now what… | weekly workouts

  1. Some weeks are just like this Lindsey , especially as a new Mom we don’t always have the chance to workout or train as much as we would like it, but that’s okay. We’ve all been there.You still logged in 13 miles. Thanks for sharing such an honest real life training log! Pinned, tweeted and stumbled for other runners to read!


    1. Thank you! It can be a real juggle most days to get a decent workout in… The mornings have not been my friend lately…mostly because I know that I can run over my lunch. If that wasn’t in the cards, I would probably try a little harder in the morning!


  2. It’s tough to stay focused on training when you don’t have a race on the calendar, no? I just ran my first race (a half) and don’t have anything until late June. I’ve found that setting small goals in between has helped, but not nearly as much as having the best running friends EVER; they really make our runs my social time instead of feeling like a workout.


    1. Yeah, races on the calendar totally help with motivation! I have these next 3 pacing events, a relay thrown in the mix mid-week, and my next official pacing event isn’t until mid-August…I’ll need to find something motivating in the middle. Probably work to lose the “marathon 10” I gained 😆


    1. I haven’t thought much about it. I’m sure if I find a race that I would be able to train for between my pacing races, I’d be game for another. I need to look up the RNR line up for this fall/winter and see if anything meshes well with my schedule.


    1. Ha! I am glad I got a few in…this week is pretty low miles as well, but that’s what I get for volunteering to pace another half just 2 weeks after my full! Better luck timing them in the future 🙂


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