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KC trip + 1st marathon | Weekend Wrap

…better late than never 🙂 It was a busy weekend with a busy week to follow!



Well, this Friday started like few before…no work!! 

I PLANNED on running first thing…but it just didn’t happen. I did go to the store, buy more eggs (thanks to hubs dinner last night and using them all), get some coffee for the hubs and I, and a muffin for the hubs and little man 🙂 When I got home, little man was rummaging around his bed and so I was able to pack up his clothes for the weekend and he just enjoyed playing with his cars… After some pushback, we went potty on the potty and headed downstairs for a sticker and breakfast! Only my kid would rather have strawberries and carrots for breakfast than a yummy blueberry muffin…

After eating, I packed up the rest of our things and got ready to leave town. Little man entertained himself… Mostly just griped about the window being shut (so I opened it), yelled at the squirrels (calling them rabbits), and made nice with Barley (for 1 minute – then he started pulling his tail).

Once we finally got on the road, I stopped no less than 5 times for a cranked out little man – toys, food, potty, blanket, food, drink, toys, cars, book, drink…you catch my drift.

Our first planned stop was the Garmin Marathon Expo at the new Olathe Conference Center. We stopped at the potty first (b/c little man decided to chug a bunch of juice between Topeka and Olathe…never give a potty training kid anything over a couple ounces at a time or they will drink it all!!) and then headed into the expo. There was a lot to see and do, especially for a cute little boy 🙂

**notice the change in shorts color, yep, at the expo**

Once we headed to the in-laws house, it was beyond time for a nap…for the both of us.

Once little man was asleep, and I got 20 minutes of zzzzzs, I had some lunch. I brought some spiralized zucchini back with me and mixed it with a little macaroni and cheese that papa made for lunch…and I also had a few egg whites and an orange.

Papa came home sometime after 3pm and little man woke up around the same time – which was very exciting for little man 🙂 They played and played and played a little more while I could go for a shake-out-the-nerves-and-legs run.


IMG_9198Around the time that I got back, Nana was home from work and we were thinking about dinner.

Since my race was the deciding factor in the meal planning for Friday night, I voted for sweet potatoes and steak 🙂 So, Papa went to the store and fired up the grill shortly after. A perfect dinner to end the day!

I packed well for the weekend (at least for the race and church, not much to choose from between those events) and was able to quickly lay out my clothes, fuel, and accessories for my the next morning and went off to bed! Well…sleep didn’t come all that easy, but at least I was able to catch a few zzzzzzs.


Wow! Marathon Day…already?! It kind of seems like just a few weeks ago I started my marathon training…and now the big day is here! I started the day with my long-long run pre-workout fuel of PB + banana + carb (today, it was toast – other days, it is a tortilla). I put ice in my hydration pack, Nuun + water in the pack, Honey Stingers in the pockets, and sunscreen on my face. My nerves were calm, as long as no body asked be about being nervous…

My MIL decided to take me to the start area rather than taking me to the “drop off” down the street. I noticed a fellow RTY member walking across the street (Mike!!) but I didn’t want to yell (for risk of looking crazy) or run to catch up (for risk of falling due to the amount of random things I was carrying before checking my bag at the tent). 

As I was walking up to the start area, I was overtook by the greatness of the American flag – it was huge! I am overcome by emotions when I am in the presence of such an iconic representation of our freedom…I THEN got super excited and super nervous!…and it was time to check my bag and find a port-a-potty, STAT!

…Read more about my marathon experience on this upcoming post later this week!!

A few image highlights :

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…run, run, run…I finished!!

Post race, I waddled around a little – went into the Conference Center (same as the Expo) to get my timing ticket and certificate, asked about getting a larger shirt, met up with the Smart Pacing Coach Eladio, found a hot BBQ chicken sandwich (or two), went to bag check to get my bag, waddled back to the Conference Center to exchange my shirt, talked with Eladio about my race and upcoming pacing events, and then hung around while I waited for my MIL to come pick me up.

Once home, both the little man and I could go for a nap…but only little man was the one napping. I kicked up my feet, took a nice shower (found where I had chafed REAL quick!), slipped on some compression gear, and vegged out…and ate, and relaxed for a little while!IMG_9247

After little man woke up, we made more plans for the day – which included going to Costco for a few things. This is when I realized that my Garmin thought that I needed to be moving…say what?! I know, I know…I shouldn’t sit on the fact that I just RAN 26.2+ miles and veg out the entire day – I understand that moving around WILL HELP with recovery… I just didn’t want to be reminded of it… Thanks Garmin!

After our little outing, we played outside for a little while.

Since the little man didn’t want to sit on the potty for very long (even though he had said that he needed to poo poo…), he then went in him pants…outside…and everywhere inside his clothes. Yuck… So straight into the bath he went! **Side note: this little boy LOVES bath time…so I have a sneaky feeling that he MIGHT go in his pants BECAUSE he knows a bath will happen soon after… But maybe he isn’t that smart… (…a mom can hope!!) Then, it was “climb on mommy’s sore body while she ices her feet” time…

While we were “relaxing“, Nana made up a ham and potatoes for dinner. We were ready for some eats and little man ate quite a bit 🙂 Yep, he ate in his jammies…

After dinner…little man tried to scare Papa when he got home from work…but he was too excited and just ran up to him before saying BOO. 🙂

The rest of my night was full of relaxing, wine, Oreo cookies, and kicking my feet up with some ice packs 🙂


Oh boy…no alarms and some good sleep does the body good. We had a “busy” day planned!

First off, I invited my childhood BFF and her daughter over to play 🙂 Little man was still in his jammies when they arrived – and little J was upset that my in-laws house wasn’t Target… baha!! They settled in quickly and everyone was eating their first or second meal/snack for the day!

IMG_9266Oh boy, how have the times changed! Coffee dates will never be the same (or at least for many years…)…

Steph and I would always go to get coffee at Starbucks and gush and chat…then we revealed that we were both expecting (at two different coffee dates – and over the phone post-coffee date)…then we were the pregos drinking flavored water…then we were the gals with newborns sleeping on the floor…then with the toddlers in the carriers…then active toddlers out of the carriers…and now it is SO MUCH EASIER to meet up at either of our houses (or my in-laws house) and let the little ones play while we just chat on the side. 🙂 Oh boy…

We played outside a little longer after Steph and little J left. Then…papa came home…and the little man went a little crazy…running, stopping, ….running, stopping, …running, stopping in the yard to get to Papa pulling into the driveway 🙂 Between my MIL and I, I was telling little man “GO GET PAPA” while she was saying “STOP STOP”… In my mind, there was no way he was going to be able to catch up with the truck…good thing I was right 🙂

About this time, I needed to get ready to go to church and meet up with my parents. I didn’t intent on taking little man to church with me because it was around the same time as his nap time…I wasn’t about to have the terrible two year old in church… While I was getting ready, my FIL came and asked if he could take little man to the playground. Sure thing! Hopefully it would wear him out a little and nap time would be a breeze…

After church, we all went out for lunch. I had breakfast 🙂


After I got back, we all just relaxed a bit. I wasn’t in a BIG hurry to get back and little man was still napping. I decided to go for a run…because I wasn’t REALLY sore, and I wanted to stretch my legs…Bad Idea. It was hot. I was hurting. I should have just taken a walk around the block…but no, I “ran” (more like hobbled) a mile down the street and back…

Once I got back and little man was up and around, the Royals were playing, so we were watching and playing around the house. Once the game was over, it was time to head back. I packed up the car and we were on our way – trying to beat the impending weather…

Well, even the best plans have hiccups. Since I have a potty training toddler, we have been working on our bathroom ques. He is not good at telling us when he NEEDS to go, but he is good at letting us know that he is “wet” after the fact… Well, on the drive, he started telling me “poo poo… POO POO” – well, we are in the middle of the highway, only a couple miles between towns, but he was persistent!!

So what did I do? I broke out the potty… First, it was sitting in my front seat, but there were too many things to play with and there was no focus on the task at hand. So, I put down a jacket or something and put him on the side of the road… Yeah, not my proudest of mom moments, but I was successful to get him to pee at least. Once we cleaned up, I was putting him back in the car and “poo poo POO POO”… Oh boy… Back to the potty… By this point, I am fried. My adrenaline had left my body, my post race high is non-existent, and I am drained… Yeah, I am that mom that is practically in tears, begging their toddler to go poo poo on the potty.

On the brink, I call the hubs and tell him the situation… He wants me to stay in KC for the night and get some sleep – try again in the morning. So…that is what we do. Since Nana and Papa were taking care of some work things, I just let them know that we were coming back for the night and I didn’t want to be a bother. We stopped by Wendy’s on the way back and got a couple $1 menu items to make “dinner”. Once we were done, we went to bed… Early morning of driving and work to start the week!

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  1. Congrats on completing your first marathon, sounds like a great trip! Thanks for sharing at What’d You Do This Weekend?!


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