May Runfessions

Well, it is about that time again – Runfessions!! Like every month ends – how are we already at the end of May!! Let’s link up with Marcia and check out the other Runfessions for this month…


I runfess…

I am not ready for summer heat and humidity! I can hardly go a couple miles without needing water… I KNOW I wasn’t as aware of my body and it’s needs this time last year…and I am not sure how I lived in the heat!

I runfess…

I am excited to pace a race in Colorado later this summer! I am pacing the 2:40 group at the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon. Voted the “Best Half Marathon”in 2013 & 2014 – I am not sure about the criteria for this vote, but it sounds like I have a great running experience coming!

Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon

I runfess…

I have not thought of or started making a plan of how my running/training is going to work this summer. I really need to get that figured out…and SOON! I know that it is going to be a slow summer without races “planned”…but I know that I will have a few virtual races to occupy my schedule!

Speaking of virtual races, I have signed up for the Fit Fam Summer Series Virtual Races this summer! The first of the series is the Americana Run the weekend of July 4th! The second race is the Great Outdoors Challenge in August. The third race will be a little later in the summer that will be affiliated with Nuun Hydration! (…you know how much I love my Nuun products!) The bonus is that you can sign up for all 3 races, get swag for all 3 races, and there will be an additional medal for the series! BLING ALERT!! I signed up today, so my summer is set!

I runfess…

This heat and humidity can go away…for good. I am not a fan of drinking my air… The humidity lately has been killer and it is not going to get any better for a while…a looooooong while. After a while, it might get a little easier, but I don’t want to wait.

I runfess…

I wish I had a better jogging stroller. The Jeep one that I have is difficult and clunky at best. With my growing little man, I would love to be able to still run with him, but it is getting progressively harder to do. Also, I would love to be able to get a “pull behind basket thingy” for my bike for him…I would love to be able to ride with him in tow! I would totally use leg power to get to work over the summer and just ride on over to the daycare and pick him up after work! Dreams…

I runfess…

I love getting new gear!!

I runfess…

I hate paying the price for new gear…

I runfess…

I love LOVE LOVE being able to pace half marathons! The joy. The sorrow. The stories. The journeys! Every race has the same task – get your runners to the finish in (or around) the time you are pacing. While this holds true, EVERY RACE is a different!

  • In Lincoln, it was wet and raining, my runners kicked ahead for the final miles, and I swept the field to bring in more runners – finish a little ahead of 2:40
  • At the Speedway, chilly morning, I ran with the only runner that wanted to use me (“My very own personal pacer?! Thank you Jesus! – were her exact words), battled through the hills, and brought her to the finish a little behind my pace of 3:00 – to FINISH was the goal of the day
  • In Manhattan, I was surrounded by local familiar faces, started with a chatty group that was silent by mile 9, the heat caught up to everyone and I lost a handful of my group, the few runners that kept pace through the hills finished strong at 2:30 – on the DOT;  I stuck around the finish to watch everyone complete their race

My next pacing adventure is Hospital Hill Half Marathon next weekend. This is NOT going to be an easy race… I am co-pacing the 2:50 group. I have only ever ran the 5K and 10K of the Hospital Hill races…and the half marathon was on my list of races to take on. The race should just be called The Hills Half Marathon… (see below for the elevation)


Hospital Hill Run

I runfess…

I need to run…bye!

What are your Runfessions for this month? Any exciting races coming up?!

Check out the other links with Marcia and see who is spilling their Runfessions for this month…

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