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BB + zoo + lake | Weekend Happenings

Another lazy, busy weekend at home! I am sure glad for the weekends that don’t require any traveling…but that doesn’t make them any less busy! While I try to always have something for little man and I to do on the weekend, sometimes…there is just TOO MUCH to do 🙂



The last day of the work week is always the first day of the weekend…so I guess my pre-weekend started with a run (the best way to start the day!)!

AIMG_1882fter a long day at work, I knew there were a couple of errands that I wanted to do after work. Since little man can be quite the crank when he is hungry, we first stopped by the grocery store to get him a snack – it helps that they had the “kids cart” because he ALWAYS wants to ride in them now…

Once we were snacked up, we walked over to the pet store. While there was one thing in particular I knew we needed to get, this was also just something fun for little man to do. We saw fish, turtles, guinea pigs, kittens, and lizards.


Once the fun was over, we stopped by Sonic so we could cool off – it is WAY hot outside! Diet Green Tea for me…ice water for little man!

Once home, we made up some dinner and settled in for the night. Little man is obsessed with having his back rubbed (like father…like son) so every time I would stop, he would remind me that I wasn’t working hard enough…

A little later in the evening, we went out to water the garden – we are still not sure all the plants will make it through the summer, but we are trying! Since it was still 90+ degrees outside, I decided to put out the little pool. We bought this pool for the dog a couple years ago, and now it is fun for all! I was not prepared for little man to just jump right in…but he did… Not long after, it was bathtime and off to bed!


Since the hubs spent Friday evening in KC at the Royals game, I didn’t get my Saturday morning long run – it was postponed until Sunday morning. Instead, little man and I lazied around for a bit before we needed to go get our Bountiful Basket.

We grabbed something to eat and snack on, and we were on the road. I would rather have an early BB pickup because both little man and our fruits/vegetables aren’t in the heat for a long time…

The 10am pick-up meant that if I wanted to volunteer, I needed to be there by 9am. Well, we started out a little later than I would have liked – so we stopped at Starbucks to waste a little time. Chocolate milk for little man, grande skinny caramel macchiato for me 🙂

Once at the pick up site, the truck was still there – **so if we would have came straight over, even though we were late, we could have volunteered**

We settled into a little sidewalk area in the parking lot and waited for our baskets to be ready. After about 10 minutes of waiting, the truck was about ready to leave.

At this point, the site leader told us that it was going to be another hour before our baskets would be ready. Someone asked if they needed more help and she said she would not turn away any volunteers. BONUS! I picked up our things and we headed over to help – well, I helped while little man played with the other little kids milling around.

Once we got all the baskets ready, we jumped in line to get ours, and then headed back home.

The main exit of the highway was under construction, so we took the scenic route home. It didn’t take much longer, but it was much prettier driving on the back roads through the Konza 🙂

I wasn’t planning on stopping by the Farmer’s Market but since we took a different way home, it was on the way, and I decided to stop. The biggest attraction was the bubbles…there were people blowing bubbles and there was 10 kids all running and screaming (mine included).

Once we got home, little man started a movie and I went through my BB to see what all we got!

  • 2 spaghetti squash
  • 1 head of green cauliflower
  • 1 pineapple
  • 1 little melons
  • 8 ears of corn (2 for volunteering)
  • 13 anaheim peppers
  • 1 honeydew
  • 7 roma tomatoes
  • 8 limes
  • 4 cucumbers
  • 3 mangoes
  • 1 celery
  • 2 onions

We also contributed to a couple extras – I LOVE the tropical granola! Also, summer time is for cherries! So I got a case of cherries – it will take a little while to pit them all, but it will be worth it!!

While little man hung out, I make him some lunch and he was quickly off to take a nap!


While he was down, I meal prepped a little! I cooked one of the spaghetti squash in the microwave – and maybe for a little too long! The usually “stringy” spaghetti squash was more squash-like…oh well, tastes the same! I plan to eat the squash with a tomato and a dollop of cottage cheese for meals or snacks this week 🙂

Then, since I now need to find homes for my new vegetables and fruit, I started cleaning out the fridge a little. I had several celery and cucumbers already, so I decided to make some juice!

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Next on the agenda, pitting some cherries! It took me about 20-30 minutes to pit 1 bag of cherries…here’s to hoping that it will take less time as I go along!


About this time, little man was up from his nap and we needed to get ready for my work party. Every year, or at least most years, we have a company picnic in the summer. Same as last year, we had this event held at the local zoo – the Sunset Zoo! We started in the main building for the company Values awards and social time, and then headed out to the pavilion for food. Once little man saw the playground, the event to a turn…

Little man ran full tilt to the playground and was soon up and down the steps and slides. Knowing that we needed to eat, I wrangled him to the food line – where he proceeded to scream and cry out “playground! playground!” My co-workers were concerned that he was hurt or fell…nope, just a temper tantrum because he wants to play and not eat… Oh well. He ate a little and then we went back to playing. The hubs showed up a little later and he helped with the little tornado…

Once we got home, I decided to water the garden. Little man came out soon after and I told him to stay out of the water – so I guess in toddler language, that means JUMP RIGHT IN. Ok… For the fun of it…the hubs then decides to go for a swim – in his work pants. Oh well. Little man thought it was HILARIOUS that his daddy got in the pool with him. Paisley wanted to get in the pool, but she knew there wasn’t enough room…so she just waited it out. Once the hubs was done, Pai hopped right in 🙂

After another bubble bath, little man was in bed and I was out to get my mile for the day.


As all weekend should start, my Sunday started with my long run for the week. Based on my new “training plan”, I should have ran around 7.5 miles…but for me, that hardly feels like a “long run”. So I set my route to 8 miles and ended up running 10.

Once I got back and cleaned up, the hubs decided to make breakfast! What the hubs makes on Father’s day, we all eat and eat gladly 🙂 Bs & Gs isn’t my first breakfast choice, but it was good! The homemade biscuits turned out like thick crackers and tasted like my moms church bread – all good!

Since the hubs needed to take his “old boat” to the lake to possibly sell it to a friends, friend – the little man and I tagged along. The drive was pretty and the water looked great!

While the hubs was “working”, we found a “rope swing” thing to play on. It was just a little too short so when you would swing, your feet would drag on the ground. Oh well, he still had a lot of fun!

Before too long, little man was getting hot and we were looking for ways to cool him off. There was a mist thing that he played with for a little bit,…but he kept gravitating to the pool. Since I had a change of underwear and pants in my bag, I just stripped him down and let him go.

IMG_2089We played in the water for a little while and then he was over it and wanted to get dressed. That works for me! We ate lunch and hung around for a little bit before the hubs decided that he wanted to go get his newer boat and take it out on the water. Since little man needed a nap and I had no idea where our swimming clothes are at home, we all went home to get things around. Little man slept in the truck and then didn’t want to sleep once we got home. While the hubs got his boat ready, we searched for swimming suits.

Once we were all set, about 2 hours later, we hopped back in the truck (where little man took another short nap), and we were back out at the lake and on the water!

Little man is quite the fish! I wish that his life vest worked a little better – will surely be investing in a new one ASAP. He loved being in the water and tried to jump off the boat a couple times! We will be spending some time at the lake this summer for sure!

After we got out of the water, we just relaxed a bit at the campsite. Little man and Miss K wandered around the site and played in the rocks. They are too cute 🙂

Once we got home, little man was asleep (yes…again!) in the truck, so the hubs unhitched the boat, I ran inside and changed into something dry, and we ran by the store. Since it is the hubs day, we eat whatever he wants…and he wants pizza, cheese bread, key lime frozen pie, and a movie 🙂

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How was your weekend? Have any exciting adventures?

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