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Woah…another weekend in the books! A busy, hot, relaxing one for sure!

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Morning run and done! While I wish that I could actually get up in the morning throughout the week, I will take what I can get. I almost got rained on a little, but it quickly subsided.

When I got home, little man wanted to get up and go to the bathroom, and since the hubs was still laying in bed, I got him around…or at least to the bathroom. I started the shower for me and set little man on the potty. The hubs was on little man duty the rest of the morning, but I knew it was going to be interesting since he saw me before going to daycare. After I was ready to get to work, I started throwing together my snacks and lunch for the day. About that time, little man and the hubs came downstairs. I talked little man into going with daddy to daycare and I would see him after work. It took a little begging, but he finally ran off and I was off as well!

A long day at work means that the weekend with no plans will feel pretty nice!

After going outside over my lunch break and realizing how nice the day was, I decided that I was going to take little man to the splash park after work 🙂 I knew he was going to love it!

Once we got home, settling down was not on the little man’s agenda… So after I watered the garden, I refreshed the water in the little pool and we played a little more!

The evening ended with little man getting a bath, and then watching a little TV and just hanging out together, snacking on granola 🙂



As the weekend should ALWAYS start,…with a run! This weekend was a little more special because one of the group runners is getting married today! We got together and made her and her hubs Mr. and Mrs. shirts 🙂 A fun surprise!

IMG_2309After our morning run, I headed to the store for some dog food and a little coffee…I could have waited until I got home for the coffee, but I was really jonesing for a macchiato 🙂

Once returning home, little man was ready to get up and around for the day. Who would blame him?! It was going to be a warm day, but we were going to make the most of it.

I was surfing the FB while we were snacking on breakfast when I saw that Hildebrand Farms was having a “June Dairy Month Celebration” at the farm in Junction City. There were tours of the farm, samples of different dairy products, a corn pit (or 2), a hay bale playing area, and make-your-own ice cream demonstrations. It was something different, and we decided to go!

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Children of the corn… @hildebrand_farms_dairy

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Since little man stayed awake most of the ride home, we ate a snack and then he was off to his room for a solid nap. Well…and I could use one too.

The rest of the evening was fairly uneventful. I made up a bowl of Sweet Corn Goodness (sweet corn + avocado + red onion + lime juice + tomato + cilantro) for “dinner”…which anything without meat is not a meal for the hubs. I wasn’t home for quite a bit of the day…so I forgot about making food…whoops!

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I started the morning a little later than I wanted to…but run & done!

When I got back, little man was helping the hubs cook breakfast 🙂 Those two “playing” together is one thing that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! They were making scrambled eggs with onions, meat, and cheese for breakfast wraps. Yum! I decided to double team my morning smoothie with my Nuun hydration + raspberries + protein powder = great combo!

We spent most of the day “relaxing” in many forms…

Little man and I “soaked” the tortoise for a little while…he was sure to tell me every time Murtley (or as little man calls him…”MoMo”) pooped…


Most of my day was spent pitting cherries – 12 pounds in fact, probably more…

The hubs had a great idea to take little man to the pool, but as the day went on, it just didn’t happen. I thought about taking him out during the “twilight hours” = cheaper entry fees, but I was just as tired. So we headed outside and played in our pool again. We facetimed with Nana and Papa for a little while to show them how much a fish little man is…he sure loves being in the water!

Once we were ready for bed, we decided to settle in for one more kids show – Super Why, and a little ice cream. These days, little man ALWAYS asks for sprinkles…and I also added some fresh cherries 🙂 A good night cap to the weekend 🙂

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How was your weekend? Have any exciting adventures?

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