Weekly Workout

summer session w1 | Weekly Workouts

This week’s workouts changed a little since I moved from a training plan with “5-workout” weeks to “7 workout” weeks. All it REALLY translates to is having a little more choice when it comes to my workouts. Quite a few of the days can be either a more intense run (like an interval run or… Continue reading summer session w1 | Weekly Workouts

Weekly Wrap Up & Happenings

hills + nana’s visit  | Weekend Wrap

Friday All weekends start on Friday, don’t they?! I got off work a little early and since it was 60 degrees, I went for a run. I ran around the park close to the little man’s daycare so I could just run over to get him. Once he was ready to go, we walked back… Continue reading hills + nana’s visit  | Weekend Wrap