High Five Friday

Friday Favorites #6

Well…somehow, someway, it is already FRIDAY! Time flies when you are having fun…or when you have an extended weekend and a shorter work week… Friday means that it is time for Friday Favorites!


Let’s go!

first marathon memories


While on my #RunChatHunt last weekend, I ran a portion of my first marathon course…and the breakaway point from the half marathoners was still on the ground. Ah…the painful, glorious memories…



My favorite part of the #RunChatHunt was the spelling of # R U N C H A T. There were so many great options throughout my run, it was hard to pick. I found myself just snapping images of signs and the like, hoping that I could/would use one of the letters.

Not to mention, I found A LOT of hashtags along my route…but my route was set as my hashtag! The small length in the bottom right side was through an unpaved field with grass up to my waist…so I didn’t run quite as far : )

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sleeping little boy


Let sleeping babies sleep…and make sure your phone is on silent when you take pictures of them sleeping : ) I love seeing my little boy sleep…mostly because it means that I can take a nap as well!


These two cuties are the best! I’m glad that me and my bestie got knocked up around the same time and these little ones can grow up together 🙂 We had a little play date on the morning of the 4th, hence the patriotic colored wardrobes… Goodbyes are always tough…but these two are just too cute 🙂



Well, we are into my 6th year with GTM and I was finally recognized for my 5 year achievement! We have been through a lot with this growing company…and we are stronger for it! Here’s to more great years!

Tweet: It’s Friday! Check out the Friday Favorites with @livinglovingrun and other great #linkups http://ctt.ec/MF12e+ #sweatpink

Well, that is all for this week!! I think I am going to like this Friday Favorites post! Check back in the following weeks to be sure I am not getting too busy to continue…

Happy Friday!!

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6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #6

  1. My best friend has a 7 month old and a 3.5 year old, so I feel you on friends with kids to grow up together (mine are almost 4 months and 2 years). I’ve definitely woken up my kids by taking sleeping pictures either with the sound or the autoflash on. Whoops. #worthit.


  2. I love GTM sportswear. Really miss the store in Lawrence, I would always hit there on my trips back home and stock up on KU apparel.


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