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Lazy weekends are always welcome…no traveling means that we can enjoy time at home and in our “little college town”. Morning runs are a must on the weekend…and I took full advantage! Check out what we were up to this weekend!


Like most weeks, Friday started with a little yoga at the gym.

I find that this class is really calming and helps me take on the craziness of Friday and the weekend 🙂 (even if there are people that come to class late and throw my mind off the stillness…)

I worked all day and took the opportunity to get in a few miles over my lunch break.

After the day was done, I picked up little man, we ran an errand to the store, and then we headed to City Park for Purple Power Play!

The Thursday and Friday before home football games at KSU have a large “pep rally” at the park. There are tons of vendors, the fire department and EMS come out, and several bouncy houses for the kiddos.

Little man was able to snag a lip balm from one of the vendor tents. There is nothing in the world that this kid loves more than lip balm…and it is not just for his lips. Nope. He will lather his face with it…nose, chin, cheeks…everywhere.

We decided to go listen to the band playing at the stage before he started asking for something to eat.

About this time, the hubs got off work and decided to come out to the fun 🙂 We found some street food at one of the food trucks and pulled up some blacktop for dinner. Ha! Always an interesting eating situation… We snacked on hashpuppies, fried pickles, crinkle fries and the hubs had a philly cheesesteak.

After eating, we headed back over to the stage area because the KSU Marching Band was playing! Little man didn’t care for it too much…we danced around for a few songs (at least until I hear the Fight Song, sang the Alma MAter, and Wabash-cannonballed). Once the stage was taken over by basketball teams and coaches, we decided to leave.

It would have been fun if little man would have stayed calm and we could have stuck around for the fireworks show…but 2 year olds are not good being out way past their bedtime…


The best way to start the day?! With a run, of course!

img_5375I decided I wanted to go to the store solo after my run…so this meant that I needed to get in my miles and get in and out of the store before 8am (or around that time). No matter the additional miles, I knew that I was going to need to drive to the group meet-up so I could go by the store after.
I ran the scheduled route once before the first group run started at 5:30am – and I was in the store around 6:40. Not too shabby. No big rush…and actually some time to casually walk around and sip on my coffee 🙂

Once I got home, I was putting the groceries away when I heard the familiar thuds across the ceiling… Little man was awake and ready to start his day. A few seconds later, as I walked to the staircase, I could hear “momma? mooommmaaaaaa?”

So I headed upstairs 🙂 While he was awake, he was not ready to leave his room…so we played with his animals, played with his beads, and read a couple books…

After a while, he got hungry and decided it was time to go downstairs. We ate, we played, we started a movie…and then the mailman came 🙂

Happy mail day to me!

After a bit, I decided that we needed to get out since it was a beautiful day! We went to the Farmers Market to see what they had 🙂 Lot of fresh vegetables and I got some fresh coffee from one of the “coffee guys” that is always there selling beans. Little man didn’t want to wait on me…so he decided to be silly…

After the market, we went to the store. There were a few fresh things that I knew were cheaper than the store that I went to in the morning…and I am all about saving a few cents 🙂

Little man liked that I was buying another pillow…and made himself comfortable.


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It was clear to see when we got home that nap time was drawing near…so we ate some lunch and sent little man to bed.

This gave me some time to prep meals/snacks for the week!

hard boiled eggs – check!

Roasted sweet potatoes – check!

Roasted onions – check!

I decided to turn on the TV and find the football game – already up 14-0… Sitting on the couch with my legs propped up just put me to sleep…and when I woke up, the score was 42-0! WOAH! Crazy game…

When little man decided to get up, we made some cookies! I got a coupon for Country Crock in my Influenster VoxBox this past week with a cookie recipe. I decided this would be something fun for us to do today!

We didn’t really have the typical mix-ins (i.e. chocolate chips) so we just used sprinkles in some of the cookies 🙂

After a little while, little man was over helping me. So he ran off to play…

We had a couple friends over for a couple hours that evening and then we were off to bed!



Since the hubs decided to stay home from hunting, I hit the trails! I wanted to be parked and ready to hit the trails at daybreak, but I arrived a little after (…I left home around first light *facepalm*) and was at the top of the first climb with a little time to spare before sunrise.

The Konquer The Konza 10K/25K trail race was this day as well…but I did my best to stay out of the runners way. A running friend, Mel, ran past me not too long after I folded into the runners – I wasn’t about to stop her!

Around mile 10.5-11 of my run, I was approached by Michelle and Sheryl! They both were running the 25K and if I hadn’t seen them by the time I finished my second lap, I was going to stop and wait to see them go by. So I ran with Michelle for a little over a mile before I headed home.

All of the ladies I knew running placed in their age groups! Mel, first – Sheryl, first – Michelle, third! Great running ladies!

img_5477-1After my run, I was ready for a little refreshment.

I opted for my new Hemp Protein (with greens) and a refill of Nuun Hydration.

I hope to have a blog review of the Hemp Protein in the coming weeks…the greens are a bit much…but I am hopeful that I can make a couple recipes to tone down the GREENS taste 🙂

Once I got home, the hubs and little man got back from the store. While I was showering, they were making breakfast!

Little man wants to help with everything and see everything these days…so this was a cute shot of the guys making breakfast 🙂

Not long after I sat down, I was given a screwdriver…actually I was asked if I would like one, and I accepted the offer. I am not a big drinker, but this was pretty good. Little man had his OJ as well and kept trying to drink my spiked-OJ…nope, go get your own! 🙂 Bs & Gs for breakfast…yum! I don’t eat “bad” all that often, but homemade Bs & Gs is one exception to the rule 🙂

Forever at the kiddies table… “Momma, sit here!” Okay…if you insist!

We vegged out for a little while and the hubs ended up leaving to watch the Chiefs game. Little man wanted to be sure he saw him leave…always!

Before too long, it was time for little man to go down for a nap…and time for me to put my legs up! Two 12-mile runs were wearing on my legs and the time up felt nice…and I also took a nap 🙂

The hubs came home after the game and little man was up promptly as well. We hung around for a little bit before the hubs friend came by to hang out. We don’t generally have a lot of people over (because we have a small house…and not many seats) so it has been a busy weekend with people coming by 🙂

The guys even even went to Menards and got a couple lawn chairs (since our “stadium chairs” bit the dust a little while ago…). Little man and Pai joined them outside for a little while before the evening came to a close.

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How was your weekend?
Have any exciting adventures?
Did you run this weekend?

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  1. I got a short run in Saturday morning and was loving the cooler temperatures. You’re run scenery looks gorgeous! I love being productive on Saturday morning and getting my workout in early and errands ran so I can enjoy the day =)


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