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summer session w14 | Weekly Workouts


While the rain tried to slow me down, I was still able to make a big dent in my running miles left this year! I nearly doubled my miles for the week over the weekend…love those early morning long runs and trail runs 🙂


Weekly Workouts

Monday- I wanted to get in at least a part of my scheduled interval run before meeting up with Angie, so I set out about 45 minutes early. I needed more than an hour to get in the full workout, but at least I was able to get 4 of the 6 intervals completed! After that, Angie and I ran a little more than 6 miles together 🙂 – 10.5 total miles (25,538 steps)

Tuesday no workout – darn weather kept me inside (no REAL excuse since I have a gym membership,…could have just gone there…). I can welcome a true rest day from time to time 🙂 (7,319 steps)

Wednesday More rain…so no morning run. I was able to get away to head to the gym for my Power Lunch. After work and dinner, little man and I headed out for a walk/bike around the block 🙂 (10,075 steps)

Thursday With the bad morning weather lately, I felt like I hadn’t run all week! So I took advantage of the nice morning and ran a couple more after running 5 with Angie – 8 miles total (22,691 steps)

Friday Overnight rain and storms kept me in from running before my yoga session at the gym…but really now. I could have just got around early enough to go to the gym BEFORE class…but oh well. For another day…or later in the day!

I was able to enjoy a little bit of the nice weather over my lunch break – 4.5 miles (17,361 steps)

Saturday Since the long run course was 6 miles and I wanted to go to the store after my run, I decided to drive to the group run meet up early, run one lap of the course, and then a second lap with the group. 12 hilly miles in the bag! (29,887 steps)

Sunday I knew that I wanted to run the Konza trails Sunday morning…even though there was a running event planned along the course that morning.

I was able to get on the trail around first light (when the trail opens) – which was about 45 minutes before the race started. I was able to see some amazing sunrise views and really enjoyed my time alone…for the first 3-4 miles.

At that point, I was in the runners. I folded into the group and tried to stay to the right side of the trail so the faster runners could pass me without much issue.

Overall, I had a great 2 laps on the large trail and even got to run with a couple ladies that I run with on the weekends 🙂 Great job Mel (1st female in her age group), Sheryl (1st female in her age group), and Michelle (3rd place in her age group)!! – 12 miles (26,698 steps)

Weekly Miles : 49 miles  (139.5K weekly steps; 19.9K daily steps)

1295 / 2,016 miles in 2016 (…getting closer!!)

Next Week’s Projected Workouts


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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

8 thoughts on “summer session w14 | Weekly Workouts

  1. Solid week of training, Lindsey! I love your picture running down the trail – beautiful and quiet scenery. I’m in my last week of taper and my marathon is on SATURDAY! I’m a little anxious but ready to get going. It’s going to be cool and rainy – that rain is just a stinker this year!


  2. Everybody does need a rest day now and then. No shame in that. Wow! You did put a big dent in that yearly mileage this week! The Konza trail looks like an amazing place to run. You captured a great picture of you running into the sunrise. Thanks for linking, Lindsey!


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