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lazy Sunday | Weekend Happenings pt2

Saturday – check out what we were up to on Saturday 😀


Unlike most Sunday’s, I slept in today 😀 Since the weather was going to be nice throughout the day and my plan doesn’t call for anything other than stretching, I took a break!

Little man started calling around 8:15-8:30am and the hubs hot up to get him – before I knew it, there was a little man attacking me! And then the dog joined in on the fun…

The rest of the morning consisted of running to the store for cat food and a few other staples, cleaning up the house, and keeping little man from having any MAJOR meltdowns.

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I made up a batch of cinnamon rolls for the family. Little man are some of his…and the hubs didn’t complain 😀

The hubs plans on making a batch of beer today…so there is always a lot of prep work – milling grain is one of those! Then off the the brew store (whenever they decide to open) for a couple things he forgot about…

Little man got to decide what we were eating for lunch today – simple eats!

Little man and I “relaxed” and before too long, it was time for little man to go down for a nap… It is always a tale-tell sign when he starts playing with his blanket or laying around that it is time…

I didn’t get much accomplished the rest of the day…mostly relaxed, watched Netflix, watched the hubs on FB Live brewing in our driveway, watched little man make a huge mess, and repeat!!

When little man got up from his nap, he spent a good chunk of time watching daddy out the window and played with his cars 😀

I got a little cuddle time with Barley…

Little man did a little learning as well 😀

Our evening consisted of running to the store for diapers (…since I forgot this morning), bedtime, cleaning up the bomb of toys that scattered my living room floor, and doing a massive load of dishes…nothing exciting 😀

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How do you start your weekend off right? What do you to stay busy when the weather won’t let you be outside? At what age was your kids first movie theater experience?

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4 thoughts on “lazy Sunday | Weekend Happenings pt2

  1. I can’t wait for that beer to turn out! For as hard as my brew day was yesterday, I think I came out on top and it’s gonna be some awesome beer! I checked the fermenters this morning and although there wasn’t any activity yet, that was to be expected just by the nature of those bugs taking longer to get started.


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