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I’m in! | Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Wow,… Thursday…we meet again!…There is a little to talk about with Amanda and her Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s 🙂


But first…

Coffee 🙂

warm runs

Well, I have been forfeiting my freezing morning runs for warmer afternoon runs – on the trail no less! Love it! The temps still vary…but I am okay with it!

new training…

Well, I had all but forgot about setting up my next training plan…so I did it today! Starting January 1st, my training starts! I have my first plan set for a marathon – the Garmin Marathon to be exact. 

Check out those running workouts in January!

I also planned the rest of the year’s workouts while I was at it… I am not planning for specific races, but more of relative timing of events… 

2017 run planning

I generally plan to run and pace half marathons in the fall…but I would also like to run another 50K or 50M – big jump! 🙂 I currently have 5 half marathons and 1 full marathon planned this spring (2 half marathons running for fun), my first 50M the weekend of my birthday in September (Hawk Hundred in Lawrence), and possibly 4 half marathons this fall. My first 50K was a relatively unplanned fall event almost 2 months ago…and that might happen again in 2017 with the 50K or 50M of the same event 🙂

Do I love running?! I think so… 🙂

tree time

So, we have been without  Christmas tree off and on since the hubs and I have lived together… Last year, without…mostly due to the animals chewing the wires and the built in lights no longer working. I was okay with not having a tree (because we live in a SMALL house and the space is better served with toy boxes and stuff) but the hubs wants little man to grow up with traditions 🙂 So I came home on Tuesday…and we now have a Christmas tree with lots of pretty lights! Little man was super excited and now tells me about all the Christmas trees that he knows about 🙂

Nana’s Christmas tree, Jana’s (the daycare) Christmas tree, Oakley’s (little man) Christmas tree… 

Who knew a small thing like a tree would make it feel more like Christmas 🙂 The cold outside wasn’t enough for me…ha!

speaking of Christmas…

Today is little man’s daycare Christmas party! I am excited 🙂 Last year, little man was a mute when I showed up and didn’t want to sing or dance with the rest of the kids. Here’s to hoping that this year is a little different 🙂

Santa sighting

It cracks me up every time we see a Santa…little man seems to want redemption from his freak outs… The past 2 times we have gone to the Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting ceremony, the same situation has happened…

The only difference is when we go to see the Santa at Bass Pro…he could care less! The year before, he was just looking at Santa, ha! Cutie!

Scan 1

Here’s to hoping that this year’s ‘Pro trip goes well! (check back after this weekend!)

more running

Well,…I bit the bullet and signed up for another year of Run the Year! I want to come back in 2017 and RUN 2017 MILES in the year! I know what things I need to tweak to make this a little more possible this year…and I am not doing it alone 🙂

My running buddy I met through the 2016 in 2016 group is going to be my running partner in crime 🙂 While we are going to accomplish the 2017 together, I am also going to attempt it solo as well! Crazy…I know. But coming 200-300 miles short this year is eating at me…


I didn’t plan 2016 to be run with help…so not meeting my 2016 goal stinks. Going into 2017 with the support of a partner will help ease some of my mileage pangs…but it is not without my vengeance on this years miss…


You should join in the fun! Use the code “EARLYBIRD” at checkout and get a discount 🙂 Join the running madness and have a good time doing it too! 🙂

Christmas List

Did you see Amanda’s post about her Christmas blogging list (the link is to the 2nd half of hte list, the first half is the week before)? I am posting my list on Christmas Eve! Check it out if you are bored 🙂 

25 Days of Christmas

winter rain-derland…no!!

Well,…I’ll leave you with this, the WARMEST day of this winter is going to be Sunday! Nearly 60 degrees!! Too bad we are going to be getting some major rain and storms…the running weather gods are not on our side… Minus the lightening, I would POSSIBLY think about going out…because… I. Run. In. All. Weather.

Static severe wx Christmas

Check out the linkup with Amanda to see what everyone is thinking (out loud) this Thursday!

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