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New Years + … | Weekend Happenings


This weekend was another long one…the one thing that was different was that it started out slow and quiet! Little man was due to come back from his grandparents house “sometime” during the day…and my head cold didn’t really allow me to get out and run in the morning. I decided to clean up the house, tidy up, and get ready for the little man’s arrival! Once he was home, we didn’t stick around for long. We had a family Christmas party in Clay Center, KS and we hitched a ride out with grandma 🙂

Once at the house, little man resumed his shy behavior until he was ready to play with everyone else… Before long, we were running around outside, playing with the Frisbee, reading books like no tomorrow, eating some delicious dinner, and opening gifts with the rest of the family!

After a little play time, we headed home for the evening! We didn’t have any exciting New Years plans and spent the evening in the calm solitude of sleep…until the neighbors decided to shoot off fireworks at midnight – which startled everyone and everything in our house!! Good thing little man slept through the excitement…

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Another cold, cold morning without running – no biggie! I slept in as long as little man would allow me to before we headed downstairs to play! We spent the morning playing with new toys, using the dog as a jungle gym, eating snacks, and watching movies! 

Once we got into the afternoon, we decided to venture out. We hit up mommy’s favorite joint (Starbucks, of course), little man’s favorite meal place (McDonald’s), and stopped by Walmart for more gifts for little man! I wasn’t the greatest Santa this year, so I used some of the money that was gifted to me to get little man something that he picked out on his own – this could have taken all night, but he settled on a remote Lightening McQueen car 🙂 

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The evening was spent listening to little man shreik and giggle at his new toy!

At some point during the weekend, I decided that one of my New Years goals (not resolution) is to complete a run streak! Whether it is 10 days or 10 months, I would like to see how long I can go running at least a mile a day! Well…since I didn’t get out this morning, I decided to take my Knuckele Lights for a spin in the evening! 

One day down…many more to go!! #2017milesin2017 

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How was your weekend? Have any exciting adventures? 

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2 thoughts on “New Years + … | Weekend Happenings

  1. I take it you don’t like making NY resolutions? I don’t either. They imply something is wrong and needs to be corrected. Why would I wait until January 1st to do that? LOL! The fireworks…ugh!


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