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February Running

I really enjoy linking up with Tuesdays On The Run – after all, my blog is MOSTLY running based, with a little real life sprinkled in… 

This week, ErikaMarcia, and Patty are discussing, “Giving your running month a letter grade”! I am going to try and post something similar month to month…

This grade is going to be based on (1) my current marathon training plan, and my goals for 2017 – (2) my progress for 2017 miles in 2017 goal, (3) training for and completing my first 50 miler, (4) having fun while on the run and (5) keeping a run streak! 


(1) Current Training Plan – B

I have been going strong with my training plan – but I rated myself down a little due to the amount of miles I have been running OVER my scheduled plan. With the amazing afternoon weather, I can’t help but want to take on a few more easy miles… 

I am not ready to give up my morning running routine…and I will likely lose afternoon miles due to the heat this summer. So it should all equal out…or something like that, ha!

Blue sky. Open trail. Yes, please!!

(2) 2017 miles in 2017 – A

I am on track to make all my miles this year! My extra afternoon jaunts add a little extra padding to my morning miles…and I am now a little ahead of schedule 🙂 

While this isn’t too hard to believe, I was also ahead of schedule last year about this time… The wheels didn’t fall off my miles goal last year until the thick of the summer heat. With the help of a gym treadmill, I hope to stay on track through the year!

(3) Training for and completing my first 50m – n/a

I haven’t started training for the Hawk quite yet, but my longer miles aren’t hurting! 

Another fun run happened last weekend when a few of the Hawks came out to run the Konza with me! While the weather didn’t allow for more to make the trek, our little group enjoyed the trails, the animals, and the local donut shop 🙂 🙂

Photo by Lisa
Selfie by Lisa

(4) Have Fun! – A-

I am most certainly having fun 98% of the time! There have been a couple runs that I needed to slog through…but those days are few and far between!!

(5) Run streak! – A

Day to day, the miles are happening! I am glad to be into my third month of run streak tomorrow!!

How are your goals going for this year? Did you set your sights high? Are you thinking about a big race this year?

Check out the link-up with ErikaMarcia, and Patty and see what everyone is talking about this week! 

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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