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winter 26.2 training w8 | Weekly Workouts

While morning runs are my jam, these warm afternoons have me running twice a day some days!! I am not about to give up my mornings…or. It take advantage of great afternoon weather… I have a problem – but in the best way 🙂


Weekly Workouts

Monday- While the rain can’t stop me from going to the gym, my energy was lagging a bit this morning… I didn’t get any extra miles and just went into work a little early.

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Tuesday- Again, I didn’t feel completely up to running this morning…but the extra accountability of a running buddy waiting on me helped me get out of bed 🙂 

Then, the amazing afternoon temps drew me outside for a runch! I am not above going for an easy mid-day jaunt…helps bring back some of the joy!!

Wednesday- Anther day, another run 🙂 A beautiful morning run to start the day…

…and an amazing lunch run to make the day that much better 🙂 I enjoy my afternoon runs…not as long, not difficult (most days)…I just get lost in my thoughts or podcasts…

Thursday- This morning’s interval run  felt WAY better than Monday… Boosts in my running attitude are always welcome!!

…And we were blessed with some great running weather in the afternoon!!

Friday- Then the weather changed…and not in a good way 😦 I got to he gym a little later than I wanted…but got in some easy miles. Since colder temps are on their way for a couple days, I didn’t head out over lunch…

Saturday- The COLD is here!! I really have enjoyed NOT needing to layer up for my runs…but that wasn’t going to happen today! Lots of layers, lots of gear…but I got it done!

Sunday- A fun change in running plans! Sunday’s are generally a mix-bag depending on when I am able to get out for a run. Today, some of the Lawrence Trail Hawks came out to run our Konza hills and eat some of our Varsity Donuts 🙂 There was a lot of conversation, a lot of animal sightings, and a great start to the day! 

Weekly Miles : 64 miles

421 / 2,017 miles in 2017


Next Week’s Projected Workouts

The weather is going to push me around a little this week…not sure if there will be many 2-a-days of running or not…but I always have my running bag with me! 🙂

Thinking ahead, once my marathon plan is over, I will be into a few weeks of “in-between” training. What will I be training for?? My last race of the spring is the Hospital Hill Half Marathon!! You can read about why I think you should you conquer the hill – and you can save on registration today!! Use the discount code “BIBRAVE” at checkout for 10% off!! The next price increase is March 1st – so register today and storm the hills of KC with me in June!!

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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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23 thoughts on “winter 26.2 training w8 | Weekly Workouts

  1. I’m always so motivated by your recaps! So thank you. How do you run so many miles – consecutive and two-a-day especially – with minimal aches and pains? I’m not sure that is a question you can answer… I’m feeling a little bit achy in the knees after a ten mile race this past weekend. Right now I’m trying to balance rest with building on this mileage. We shall see how it all goes.


    1. I think part of it is my pace and post run nutrition. Typically, quite a few of my morning runs are quite slow…and my afternoons are a little quicker depending on the route. If I have a harder interval or hill workout in the morning, I will have a super easy paced lunch run (if one at all depending on how I am feeling). I also try and follow up my harder runs or longer runs with a protein drink – helps rebuild some of the damage I put on my body. It is a balance for sure!


  2. well done this week! even on the days you didn’t feel like it, you just went and smashed it out! I’m so ready for the cold to be over. I’m “only” training for a 10K and your recaps make me miss marathon training. Which is a crazy thought in itself!! haha! Last weeks’ training was actually REALLY good. I feel like this week is already failing though 😦 oh well, it is never perfect, is it?


  3. We had AMAZING weather here for a few days. Then it got cold and snowed. Then it warmed up again. This morning we had tornado warnings but it was warm in the afternoon. And tomorrow the “feels like” will be 8˚.

    How is that even possible?


  4. Wow! You have completed 400 miles already this year, and it is only the beginning of March, that is awesome! I always feel like I am I can do longer runs when it is nice out. When it is cold, it is more of a struggle.


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