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back home + raining + running | Weekend Happenings [x3]

Darn the luck…no weekend post last week, and this weekend is in the books. Whoops! We spent the weekend before last in KC with family and friends, last weekend was spent in the house staying out of the rain, and this past weekend was spent traveling… This will be mostly a picture heavy post – easy on the eyes 🙂 It’s a busy life…but someone has to live it 🙂

Weekend 1


With our bags packed and truck loaded, we are on our way to KC for the weekend. Not exactly the weekend I had planned on having…but we are going to make the best of it. Since I was no longer going to pace the Garmin Marathon, I turned in my pacing materials, and we went out to dinner 🙂 


We were all over the place on Saturday. While we spent a good portion of the morning at the house, we went out to play with my sister and her kiddos, then went to see my parents and went out to dinner with them, and then the hubs and I went out with some friends for more fun and conversation 🙂

Playing at the park with Syd and Lily 🙂

Visiting Nana Jane and Papa Joe – dinner was fun too 🙂


We spent the morning around the house eating, playing, walking in the yard, and inviting friends over to play 🙂 Of course, little man HAD to help Papa mow the yard…and after some naps, there was more movie watching and dinner before we headed back home.

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Weekend 2

While I post my weekends by days, this weekend was a whirlwind of “not much”…it rained all weekend, and with the exception of two Saturday outings, we started dry and warm at home. 

We went to the pet store to pass the time – and then ran over to the grocery store to waste a little more time and find some lunch before heading home. 

Saturday evening, we went over to our cousins house for dinner – followed by heading out to the KSU Student Union to watch the Lego Batman movie! So many little ones…

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Weekend 3


Again, there wasn’t a lot of highlights this past weekend, just a little fun 🙂 I got off work a little early on Friday – so I went for a run and walked over to pick up little man. We then walked to the park and enjoyed the sunshine for a little while.


Saturday was a whirl wind kind of day…morning Saturday run, morning cleaning before my MIL came by to watch little man, course monitoring at the GOTR 5K (more cowbell!!), donuts, home to clean and pack, then driving for a few hours…

Once in Nebraska, I was at the Runners Expo for a couple hours walking around and hanging out at the pacers booth, pacer meeting, and then the pastathon. I then met up with some other pacers for dinner #2 😉 


Running on Sunday – then driving all the way back home… Once home, I relaxed with little man, talked with the hubs off and on, went for a walk, and then headed to bed 🙂

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How was your weekend? Have any exciting adventures? 

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